Hi RXCLP fans!

Years ago I bought and read Batman: The Long Halloween.


At 348 pages, it was the thickest comic book I ever owned, and probably still is. And not only that, but the story is so wonderfully detailed, it takes me a couple of hours to read cover to cover. I still try to read it once a year if I can. But from the first time I finished reading it, Batman: The Long Halloween became the standard by which all other graphic novels I bought after it were judged.



Consequently, when I started producing Street Fighter: The Hear of Battle, I never thought it would be the same size. That was crazy talk then. All I could afford was a 30 page pitch comic, and that’s what the work was going to be…until Team Rotaner came along and offered me the deal of a lifetime!


But as we worked, the momentum started to pick up and cash donators and other artists started adding to the book. It passed that thirty page mark and…kept…on…going! As we passed the 150 mark, then 200, we dared to dream: could we get as thick as Batman: The Long Halloween?  We weren’t sure. But if we could just hit 300 pages. THAT would be something! THAT would turn heads! We could just imagine the sentences in the media…


At over 300 pages, The Ryu X Chun-Li Project’s book; Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle is the most ambitious fan comic to date with not only an engaging main story, but appendices bursting with single art pieces and mini-comics from artists from all over the world!


Well, we are pleased to announce that we have not only reached 300 pages, but have passed that number. And with only 24 days left until we launch on February 14th, 2015, we still have more quality content to come, and the door will be open for art and cash donations right up until that date. Will we be as thick as Batman: The Long Halloween? We won’t say. We don’t want to jinx it. But we are extremely grateful to be passing this amazing milestone we have reached.  We’ll close this entry now with a quotation from Frank Miller’s famous graphic novel, said as its main character, King Leonidas, prepared to face the Persian army:

Remember this day, men,  for it will be yours for all time!



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