Sonic Evidence

Remember Sonic SATAM?

Making something out of nothing–the early Sonic games didn’t have much of a plot–Sonic SATAM had strong well-developed characters and an environmental message. Lasting two seasons, the story was picked up by Archie Comics where it has been ever since.


Having a particular interest in the relationship of Sonic and Sally Acorn from the series, I kept a lazy eye on the story as Archie developed it, picking up the odd issue, reading the odd wiki, but eventually I just got too busy to give the story my attention. Still, I always hoped things would work out for Sonic and Sally.


It wasn’t until a trip to New York this year (I met Tobey Maguire at FAO Schwartz–LUCKY!), and I walked into Midtown Comics on Lexington Avenue, that I stumbled upon this:


Sonic Universe: 30 Years Later is a graphic novel that collects Sonic Universe Vol. 2 issues #5-8, and in it I found some closure. To quote the book:

True to his legendary speed, King Sonic was quickly crowned the new king of Mobius and wed [Queen Sally]. The support for the regime change was universal.

The book has a pretty good “What if…?” story that spotlights some classic Sonic SATAM characters, and a few new one’s, but best of all the story shows Sonic has matured, Sonic and Sally are happily married, and they have two children: Sonia and Manik. I wasn’t sure the ol’ Hedgehog (pushing 50 years old in the story) had it in him to be a King, but he did. There will always be more Sonic stories and shows to come, but Sonic Universe: 30 Years Later is this book that finally wrapped things up in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog for me, and I was glad to buy it.


Archie Comics is a smart enough company to realise that producing Sonic Universe: 30 Years Later for the Sonic SATAM fans, a “What if…?” story where Sonic and Sally are finally together, will not bring Sonic’s house down. Instead, they saw the potential profit the story could earn from old-timer Sonic-SATAM fans like me with a four issue “What If…?” story that brings closure to the Sonic SATAM storyline, and gives the characters a bright, if a bit troubled, future.

 archiecomics_2269_7546940Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.53.59 PM

We intend to take Sonic Universe: 30 Years Later with us as an example of a successful pairing book doing no harm to the main story canon or characters when we head over to CAPCOM to make or case for Ryu/Chun-Li next year. If SEGA and Archie  see the potential profit in such a book, maybe CAPCOM and UDON will too.

More next time!


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