Peace of Mind

Hey RXCLP fans,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the pre-launch reviews we’ve been posting on the blog. For the perceptive reader, these reviews have been far more than just teases for the book to come. They have been a source of peace for my worried mind.


Since I started this project, I have been worried people would not enjoy the resulting book. All writers are insecure about this kind of thing. But slowly and surely, thanks to Patrick’s reviewKris’s reviewTony’s review  and Jason’s review, I see my co-writers, art teams, additional artists, and I have produced a quality story, and now I am far more confident the Street Fighter fan base will welcome the work. I am grateful to each of the gentlemen above, my good friends, for their words.


Anouk’s review was particularly mind-easing because she is a Street Fighter fan, wasn’t a good friend of mine until very recently which made her more objective, and, she is a woman. Facebook, WordPress, and Youtube have been sensitive enough to show me the fan base for the RXCLP is primarily male, and I worried that we might not have created something a woman would enjoy–an upsetting thought based on what I have written previously and that one of our most frequent donators, a wonderful lady names Eva Miles,  is waiting for the absolutely finished book to rock her world. Our book certainly isn’t going to pass the Bechdel test any time soon, but it’s nice to know I have Anouk’s support at least. It’s a load off my mind.


And of course there is also one more very important thing that is working to give me peace of  mind.  The book this project sought to produce exists. For so long I feared a Ryu/Chun-Li graphic novel of quality for the English speaking world would never be. But now it is. And in 60 days from the date of this blog entry, it will exist for you too.

It’s still not too late to get your name in this book as a true supporter of Ryu/Chun-Li for when I personally march this book up to CAPCOM Japan.

Here’s How:

More next time!


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