Taking “No” for an answer

Yes, we know. Street Fighter V is on its way…

And we will talk about it soon. All we will say for now is once again, just like they did for Street Fighter X Tekken, Ryu and Chun-Li are the pair of characters CAPCOM reveals its new Street Fighter game with. Thanks CAPCOM for giving the RXCLP a boost by putting Ryu and Chun-Li together again in people’s minds as we move towards our February 14th, 2015 launch date. 😀

Now for the blog entry.


As many of you know from counting the names on our page of gold, we currently have 41 artists (with more to come) that have donated single art pieces or mini-comics to our book’s appendices.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.00.49 PM

Now compare that to the over 1000 requests we have sent out to people to see if they wanted to volunteer to help our project since we started it back on January 1st, 2013. Yep, over 1000. That’s how many.


We’ve had a lot of people say no to us, ignore us, or say they are going to help, and then…they don’t.



Do these “No”‘s sting? Yes, of course they do. But not as much as they used to. Why? because they have done three very important things for us. (Pay attention future entrepreneurs!)

1. We now have a tougher skin.


Having all these people say no to us has made us fearless when it comes to asking more people to join the project. If someone says “no” now, we simply tell them:

No worries, thanks for replying. Our book will be released on February 14th, 2015 for free for the world. It will contain over 250 pages of new Street Fighter content from three published authors, three art teams, and over forty artists from all over the planet. People in over sixty countries are going to read it.  We hope you’ll check it out too!

Doing so reminds us how much we have accomplished and still will accomplish before our launch date next year. Add this to the fact we already have 41 amazing artists who believe in us with more to come, and somedays a “no” doesn’t sting at all. We just reply and move on to the next candidate.

2. We know who the real Ryu/Chun-Li fans are.


Without a doubt, we are the greatest attempt at bringing Ryu/Chun-Li into the global consciousness for the English speaking world since the characters first appeared in 1991. Succeed or fail, we are going to get closer to CAPCOM with this pairing than anyone ever has. We are going to walk right over to CAPCOM Japan, put this professional quality book (with over 250 pages of 100% original art and story from all over the world with all the positive comments that will come after its release) in their hands, say our piece, and see what happens.  Any person who calls themselves a Ryu/Chun-li fan, has found our project, and has helped us with a blog entry, a cash donation, or a donation of a piece of art and/or a mini-comic, is wise enough to see that we are the real deal, and really wants the idea of Ryu/Chun-Li to make its mark on the world.

And finally…

3. Purity

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.19.55 AM

Whenever we get a “no”, it keeps this project pure. True Ryu/Chun-Li fans only. People who want to help us will do so. Nothing on this Earth will stop them. And those are the people we want with us when we go to CAPCOM. They are the people we started this project to find. And every day we hope you, if you haven’t joined us already, will be one of them.

And, for what it’s worth, even if CAPCOM decides not to act on Ryu/Chun-Li after we talk with them, the true Ryu/Chun-Li fans we have met through this project will still have our book to read–the greatest Ryu/Chun-Li experience to date–and nothing will change that.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.39.03 AM

69 days until launch!

More next time!



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