Our Fourth Review!

Remember that article about the brain and grammar study we posted on our Facebook page a little while ago? If not, you can check it out here.  But for those of you who do not wish to delve into the cool science…


“Even when you don’t pick up on a syntactic error your brain is still picking up on it. There is a brain mechanism recognizing it and reacting to it, processing it unconsciously so you understand it properly.” –Laura Batterink. Journal of Neuroscience. 8 May 2013.

Enter Jason Wan. Jason has been a dear friend of mine here in Japan since 2000. We are united by many things, two of which are our love of comics and our love of Street Fighter. He is arguably the best Street Fighter player amongst all my friends.  He is also particularly awesome at Street Fighter EX where his Blanka/Chun-Li team is nigh unbeatable.

But besides his Street Fighter skill, Jason has an extremely keen eye for written errors. Why he hasn’t made his fortune in editing, I’ll never know.


I’ve read our project graphic novel, Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle several times now. Each time I look for errors. And recently I thought the book was clean. But it turned out, like Batterink said, my brain was just correcting some errors for me and not letting me see them.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 11.12.31 PM

Can you see the grammar error in this panel, or did “they” “plan” it this way?

Unlike Chun-Li’s subtle pronoun/noun agreement error above, there were errors in the project book that were so ugly that, if Jason hadn’t found them, I would have felt like an absolute idiot. Not to mention I would have had to hear about the errors forever from the readers to come.


So, just before I hand the blog over to him for his review of the book, I want to give a HUGE thanks to my good friend Jason Wan for helping this book be the best reading experience it can possibly be, not just for me, but for the world. Thanks, Jason. Whew, that was a close one.

And now, Jason’s Review:

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.53.59 PM

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. When it comes to Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle, truer words were never spoken. This labor of love comes from not only the mind of Sean Anderson but also his heart and soul. Instead of waiting around for the story he wanted told about two iconic Street Fighter characters, he took it upon himself to create a work that should please fans of a Ryu and Chun-Li pairing as well as hardcore fans that have followed the Street Fighter franchise since its first video game more than 25 years ago.


Set in the slightly distant future of the Street Fighter universe, The Heart of Battle is a “what if” examination of the lives of several Street Fighter characters, most notably Ryu and Chun-Li. Although the story starts off in Hong Kong, it does not stay there as the action shifts from China to Japan. Along the way, there are glimpses of other places around the world and into the lives of the other Street Fighter characters.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.40.01 PM

However, make no mistake that this graphic novel revolves around the relationship between Ryu and Chun-Li. It is clear from the opening pages that the writers have done their homework on these two characters. When the story starts, Ryu is the consummate wandering warrior, drifting from tournament to tournament in his never-ending quest. Chun-Li, on the other hand, has retired from her quest for vengeance following the demise of her father’s murderer, M. Bison. Even though she has retired from her life as a street fighter, this does not mean action does not come looking for her – fans will be glad to know that the novel stays true to its “fighting” roots.


There is something in this graphic novel for all Street Fighter fans. Characters from Street Fighter to Street Fighter III and IV make an appearance; it is quite clear that the writers have devoted a lot of their time becoming familiar with the entirety of the Street Fighter universe. This devotion shows in how the characters are written – all of the characters act and behave as you would expect them to. Someone who is not as dedicated to the Street Fighter franchise would not be able to portray each character’s personality so accurately.

panel preview

From beginning to end, it is easy to see the love and reverence with which the Street Fighter characters are treated. Interspersed throughout the graphic novel are short comic interludes – brief episodes that provide some humor and back story to the events unfolding in the main storyline. For a franchise that is not necessarily known for its humor or romance, Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle delivers both in spades.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.39.03 AM

If you want to be a part of this amazing graphic novel before it launches on February 14th, 2015, here’s how:


More next time!



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