Ken Masters

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Ken Masters should divorce his wife Eliza, leave her and their son Mel, leave the Master’s family billions, and dedicate himself to wandering the world and becoming a better fighter.

So… how did that statement hit you?

It’s just something we’ve been thinking about lately. There are people in fan forums who shun the idea of Ryu hooking up with a woman and want Ryu to continue wandering alone, continue to better himself as a fighter, without any thoughts of marriage and a family.  But it’s interesting fans don’t put the same pressure on Ken. Isn’t Ken supposed to be the one to take down Ryu if Ryu ever surrenders to the Satsui No Hadou? And yet, Ken has a wife and family while Ryu is out there getting better and better with each fight. If anyone should be training their ass off, it should be Ken, right? Why have we not seen the above statement or something like it more often in fan forums? Doesn’t Ken have a bigger responsibility to be the better fighter of the two?

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You are the big brother now!


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Ken sure is lucky CAPCOM decided to have Gouken return from the dead and seal the Satsui No Hadou from Ryu in Street Fighter IV.

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He is luckier still that CAPCOM makes no mention of Satsui No Hadou or Evil Ryu in Street Fighter III.


Now Ken can enjoy his family without having to worry about having to fight his best friend to the death.

RyuChunli Rounded

And maybe now Ryu can have a wife too…

More next time!




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