Out of ideas…kinda

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Before I started to produce Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle, I was overflowing with Ryu/Chun-Li ideas, so much so that these ideas pushed me ever onward to make those ideas real and this book thicker. But now with so many of my Ryu/Chun-Li art ideas having become reality, as artists approach us wanting to help us do more, I find myself struggling to come up with more ideas. Oh sure, I can come up with a new Ryu/Chun-Li idea for our current book with a little help. I brainstormed today with my co-writers, and I managed to get an idea for the latest mini-comic about to start production. And the sequel for this book, provided the fans want it, and are willing to support it,  is ready to go in to production. But the days of me coming up with a new Ryu/Chun-Li idea lickety-split, are over. I really need some time or some help now to come up with something more that is worth putting in the current book. And you know what? That’s just…

Perfect 1

Why? Because it means all my dreams for Ryu and Chun-Li, as far as the content of this book goes, have become a reality. I am sated.


A few more months and I’ll finally be able to move on. I wonder what will be next.


2 thoughts on “Out of ideas…kinda

  1. Michael says:

    I’m the kind of person who always thinks “what if?” after every story. Every movie, comic, TV show, I am always imagining possible ideas for next.
    I’m very excited that SF: The Heart Of Battle is complete. I wish nothing but success and for the fandom of RyuxChun-Li to be spread all over. But part of me is wishing for this to be so successful that the public just begs for a sequel. I’m hoping that not only the comic gets shared all over the wold, but Joey Ansah will add a hint of a romance in the next SF webseries, thus drawing more fans into it, and drawing more fans back to where it all started.
    Heck, I’l be the first to admit that the brainstorming for me is non-stop, especially for my own mini-comic that I am contributing. I’m always asking, “what would happen next?”, “who would it impact?”, “what are the consequences?”, “how/would this be resolved?”. Honestly, it’s a natural thing I do because if a story or characters impact me in a way that I fall in love with it, I can’t stop thinking or wanting more.
    But only time will tell. I know how much of an undertaking all this has been. It’s great that you feel proud of the work you have right now. But always remember in the back of your mind that it is never over. This, could very well be the beginning… the beginning of something incredible.

    • Very true, Michael! And we are prepared. Like I wrote in the post, a sequel to this book is ready to go if the public supports it. But, like you wrote, the fans need to get behind it. As I said in my latest attraction video, this project (on top of being something I’ve wanted to do personally for years) is meant to put the global Ryu/Chun-Li fan base to the test. If they want a sequel and are willing to support it, it will happen. If the fans make enough noise, CAPCOM/UDON/ANSAH will notice and have to make a decision. If the fans are low in number or stay quiet, then my people and I will have built the greatest celebration of Ryu/Chun-Li on the planet for the pairings English-speaking fans, we will have done this with the help of remarkable people like yourself, and that’s enough for me. And if someone comes along, does their own Ryu/Chun-Li project, and raises the bar past where my my work has raised it (this would likely be a short film or animated film of some length as another graphic novel would keep the bar at the same height, and any graphic novel would be compared to mine–the advantage of being first to market!), then I hope I get a chance to see it. I would even team up with them if they asked and their offer was worth my time. Who knows? Perhaps my work will inspire someone else to go higher as Brian Yip’s text-only fan fiction inspired me to go beyond writing another text-only story.

      But for now, I will keep my enthusiasm to continue in check. We need to see how the fans react over the 2015-16 period. And if CAPCOM, UDON, or Ansah actually call to make something happen, or we have fan numbers enough to make it worth approaching them, I’ll be more than ready. But until that happens, the wise entrepreneur, like Ryu in the post’s picture, keeps moving with his eyes open, looking for as many opportunities as possible. Oh, and regardless of the fan reaction, I will be sending a printed copy of the book to CAPCOM USA, CAPCOM JAPAN (will hand deliver this one), UDON Entertainment, and Joey Ansah. At the very least, this book will be my thank you to all of them for everything they have done with Street Fighter in my lifetime.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

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