If I did all this again…

SF the heart of battle LOGO

I would love to do a sequel. But since I’ve completed Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle, some people have asked me what OTHER intellectual properties (IP), I would start fan projects for. Well, there is one: Mighty Orbots.

Like Ryu/Chun-Li, there is love to be had here between one of the humans (Rob) and one of the alien characters (Dia), but what I find particularly fascinating are the robots…or rather…Orbots.



Ono, Tor, Bort, Bo, Boo, and Crunch are the most advanced robots on their version of Earth. And they act so…human. This human behaviour would be easier to accept as genius level programming, if there were other robots in the show as amazing as the Orbots are. But all the other robots presented on the show aren’t even close to the Orbots in terms of human behaviour. So I wonder. Is there more going on than Rob, the inventor of the Orbots, realises?


Add this theory to the fact that the Galactic Patrol, the police force Rob and the Orbots are members of, is led by Rondu, a powerful telepath, and his daughter, Dia, and I wonder if Rob, just “thinks” he invented his Orbots and there is much more to the six Orbots than meets the eye? Yep, that’s a question I would really like to answer.


Mighty Orbots, a joint American/Japanese creation which you can learn more about here, was the only other piece of entertainment that left an impression on me as nearly as strong as Ryu/Chun-Li did. So, if I were to do another fan project, barring a Ryu/Chun-li sequel, Mighty Orbots would be it.



But, if I did do Mighty Orbots as a project, I would definitely redesign the Orbots.  Make them look a lot more exciting. Maybe even do my own 100% original take on the concept. Heh. Who knows what the future holds?

Well, ok. I do know ONE THING the future holds…


More next time!



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