Our Second Review!!

When it comes to Street Fighter, there are many types of fans, but they all fall somewhere amongst the serious and the casual. Kris Jensen, Applications Consultant with ISM Canada – IBM Global Services (and an amateur author) , is the definition of a casual Street Fighter fan. Kris and I used to play Street Fighter together on the Sega Genesis while we waited for the latest episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to start. Kris almost always played E.Honda as Honda’s screen owning hundred hand-slap was a deadly weapon in Kris’s hands.


Kris and I both bought and watched the Street Fighter: Animated Movie and the Street Fighter II V animated series together when they first came out for VHS. We thrilled at the movie and every episode of the series. And Kris, a huge fan of the B-movie genre, actually liked “Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li.”


Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.14.28 AM

Now now….put the weapons down. On a planet of six billion people, odds are someone has to like the movie, right?

The fact is, Kris is the perfect definition of the casual SF fan. He knows the SF universe well enough to enjoy it, but not enough to discuss its finer points, or to be hurt when a bad movie about the franchise comes out. He can take or leave the series at any time.

He has also been my number one friend for decades. He has stood by me in the good times and the bad, taught me what a good friend truly is, and how to be one myself. Without his life lessons, there was no way I would have been able to make this project what it has become.


Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.53.59 PM

Kris finished reading “Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle” last night. Here are his thoughts:

I used to play Street Fighter II with Sean when we were teenagers, at his house, before watching Star Trek TNG on a Friday Night. He won’t admit it, but I will. I really sucked at the game and didn’t really like it. I lost count the number of time I got crushed. Out of all of that I learned two things. E-Honda was my favourite (The 100 hand slap was cool) and Sean absolutely loved Street Fighter. I think that is why I played the game, because Sean was so passionate about it.

So I was not surprised when he told me about this project. Our monthly Skype chats always included updates and he would tell me how cool the art was and the response he’d had from people all over the world. Then finally, he said it was done and he wanted me to review it. So here goes. Now remember, I’m not a Street Fighter fan (although the anime was cool), so this is purely on story and art. I give it an 8 put of 10. Story flowed well, the different arts styles were cool, and I always figured those two should end up together. You can see Sean’s passion of Street Fighter in the story. Street Fighter fans will take this and leave with a smile knowing they got a quality story worth keeping. I liked the intermissions and some of the art at the end.

So why only 8 out of 10. Well, like I said I’m not a Street Fighter fan, so I don’t follow the games, story lines, or characters. So some plot points didn’t make sense to me. I knew they were specific to the plot and that the Street Fighter fan would understand, so he wrote for his audience, like every good author should. Also, E-Honda only had one panel. One! Come on! E-Honda with the 100-hand slap! Come on man! He should’ve had at least two. Just saying… So there you go. My review. Hope this helps people out there and I encourage other to review it as well when they get it!


We’ve had a review from the serious fan (Patrick) and the casual fan (Kris). Next is… the non-fan!

Watch this space!




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