98%: A final truth…


There is one universal truth about great writing. You cannot write a great let alone good story unless you love the characters you are writing about. You need to love them. How the hell are you going to spend the amount of time with them you need to in order to make their story worth someone else’s time if you don’t? And I of course love Ryu and Chun-Li. Their characters, or more specifically the version of their characters in my head, vibrate at the exact same frequency as my very soul. Why else would I go to the trouble of making this book exist?


Well, there is one other reason. The greatest one of all. A reason, even after all this time, I haven’t had the courage to admit. But I will admit it now because it needs to be done before this blog comes to an end. I’m running out of time.


Okay… (deep breath) Here goes….

The thing that has made me bring all these people together and work so hard on this project is that I take great pleasure in the version of Chun-Li in my head… the version of her character I have put in this graphic novel I have produced… I take great pleasure in seeing her…happy. Perfectly, wonderfully happy. But not just any type of happiness!  It must be the happiness one can only experience when one is in love.  To me, that is the greatest happiness there is.


When I finished Street Fighter III 3rd Strike for the first time with Ryu and Chun-Li years ago, and I saw their endings where they carried on “alone,” somewhere in my mind, with my love of…well…love, I just could not accept the idea that either of the characters were truly happy on their own, even in Chun-Li’s case: raising children.  And I know it was this dissatisfaction, this perceived unhappiness in two fictional characters I had come to care about (as we come to care about characters in stories we love), that drove me to look online for a Ryu/Chun-Li love story. And that’s when I found my very first fan fiction, Brian Yip’s “Hero of Heroes” a.k.a. “Ryu and Chun-Li Forever.” And once I read it, savouring every word I might add, my love for the idea of Ryu and Chun-Li together became not just fancy, but part of my very soul.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 8.53.59 PM


And the rest is soon to make history!


Since I first became interested in girls, I have always taken pleasure in seeing them happy. And that carries over to the fictional ladies in my life as well. I love seeing them happy too, especially when they are in love.

So there is my otaku truth, blog readers.  I started this…

Ryu X Chun-Li Banner

…to make the Chun-Li in my head happy, so I might take pleasure in that happiness myself. But to accomplish this, I must see to it she gets no one less than the absolute best hero the Street Fighter universe has to offer. And we all know who that is…

RyuChunli Rounded


There…the truth is out. Let the world think of me what it will. I’m too old now to care. I only hope that all this love I have for the characters will result in you, faithful reader, loving the Ryu/Chun-Li story I have produced as much as I do.


Well, I’ve got a book to finish: the first Ryu/Chun-Li graphic novel for the English speaking world. If you can still stand to follow the journey of someone as weird as I am, see you here again in a percent or two, and let’s make some Street Fighter history!



More next time.


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