You Win!

Hey Ryu X Chun-Li Project Blog Readers!

A big thanks to Jeff Mangini for commenting on our previous blog entry and inspiring this one! It’s great to see some Ryu/Chun-Li fans bring their words to the blog and help us see things more clearly!

Jeff wrote:

Dude, there’s nothing wrong with making Ryu and Chun-Li a couple in the SF games. That’s ridiculous. Have you played Star Gladiator? You remember Hayato and June? Those two are a couple. They even had a child together. And look at the game they’re in. Players can make them cut each other up with plasma-based weapons like two bitter enemies in a Star Wars movie. Where were all the wife-killing jokes? Or the abortion jokes? Where were all the insecure men and women complaining about spousal abuse? Gamers never had a problem with it, and apparently neither did Capcom. You know why? Because we’re smart enough to know that gameplay is meaningless. Would you rather see Chun-Li hook up with a wimpy civilian who can’t kick her ass? Because for any strong woman, I think that’s even more offensive. Ryu and Chun-Li beating the crap out of each other is not a big deal. If you think it is, you might as well say it’s wrong for Ryu to have friends like Ken and Sakura in SF because he can pulverize them with Shin Shoryukens too. Why stop at limiting the violence between couples, right?


As I read Jeff’s comment, I found myself remembering this scene from the Addams family:

Watched it? Good.

In it, Wednesday (tries to?/succeeds in her attempt to?) kill Pugsley, and with mom’s permission!

Did we have any problem with this? Strangely…no. Why? because we know Pugsley will be ok.

And if that’s the case, then why were we so upset in our last blog entry about this:




In reality if you and your girlfriend/wife decided to have a full force street fight with each other, there is a high possibility for a trip to the police station, a trip to the hospital, and even death. And any children involved would have to do without their mother and/or father for a few days, a few years, or indefinitely. But this is not the case for fictional characters. Like the Addams siblings above, one of the advantages a fictional couple like Ryu and Chun-Li have is that if they go full force on each other, even with Chun-Li’s kids in the equation, if the author of the story or game says they are ok afterwards, then…they are! If beating the tar out of each other every so often is something Ryu and Chun-Li want to do, similar to the way the Addams’ family members try to kill each other but still love each other deeply, then it’s fine. Like the Addams family, Ryu and Chun-Li are just… kooky!

Jeff writes: …[gamers are] smart enough to know that gameplay is meaningless.

And, he’s right. I see now what I was worried about was the casual observer, the person who is not a gamer, hearing about a husband and wife beating the crap out of each other in a game and kicking up a fuss. I thought that would be something CAPCOM would want to avoid. But, I guess not. After all, did you know CAPCOM published the “Grand Theft Auto” series in Japan from 2001 – 2008? Check out this box! And that definitely proves CAPCOM has no qualms about…well…you get the idea.



Are we still a bit squeamish about a married couple beating each other up in Street Fighter…a little. But we’ll get over it…and fast! Why. Because Jeff also wrote:

Would you rather see Chun-Li hook up with a wimpy civilian who can’t kick her ass?

NO!!!  No one should be with Chun-Li except….


RyuChunli Rounded

Okay Jeff…

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.37.26 AM

You’ve convinced me! Let them marry AND let them fight!

Update: Here is Jeff’s Follow-up. It’s in the previous blog entry’s comment section, but I thought I would put it here to really make this entry complete. Thanks Jeff, not only for commenting, but for setting me straight!

You’re welcome. I’m glad I gave you all a new perspective.


I’ve got plenty of examples. Look at Mortal Kombat. Johnny Cage and Sonya got together in MK9. Once Netherrealm announced MKX this year, they revealed they had a daughter named Cassie. She’s now set to be a playable character. Liu Kang could have married Kitana, but it was implied in MK4 that accepting her proposal would have prevented him from being Earthrrealm’s protector. But he loves her all the same, and in the end, that’s what counts most. Ky Kiske and Dizzy from Guilty Gear are also in a relationship. The only reason they’re not married is because Dizzy’s a gear, and people in that universe are generally bigoted towards her race. No one’s going to arrange a formal wedding for them. But they are still together nonetheless, and they even had a son by GG2: Overture. To a lesser extent, Killer Instinct has a couple as well. KI2 had an optional ending where Tusk and Maya got married, depending on the actions you took in Arcade Mode. Although it’s not canon at this point now that they confirmed TJ Combo’s still alive, Iron Galaxy could always revisit that relationship with the new KI in Season 2. And there are plenty more examples of SNK characters that aren’t married to each other, but would jump at the chance if given the opportunity.

So it doesn’t matter how often you see people beating each other up in fighting games. It has no bearing on how they actually feel about one another. In most cases when a pair of lovers fight, it’s either a filler match that didn’t happen, or a match that happened for a good reason. As far as SF characters are concerned, not quitting their profession is reason enough. Ryu and Chun-Li are expert martial-artists with long-term enemies that continue to threaten their lives and everyone they care about. If they wanted to be together, they’d have to make it a responsibility to test themselves against each other so they stay at peak condition. As painful as it is, they should be grateful for every hit they trade with each other, because they need it. A relationship like that is not going to last if either allows the other to get soft. It’s like having a deadbeat husband who always drinks instead of taking care of his wife and kids.

More next time!


2 thoughts on “You Win!

  1. EdmondDantes23 says:

    LOL. I’m dumbfounded by what I just read. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Man, I completely forgot about Star Gladiator. I wish I still had Plasma Sword on my Dreamcast. It’s been 12 years since I last played it.

    Have to agree. Gameplay is meaningless… mostly. When we play fighting games, we just want to beat the other character down so WE can win. That’s what makes the games fun. But for the characters themselves, fighting isn’t meant for dominating others or proving how tough you are. It brings people together. Many of Ryu’s friendships were formed through fighting. If giving his all in every fight was a detriment to his life, he would be a very, very lonely man. But he’s far from it. Even if he does travel the world by himself, he’ll always have the pleasure of meeting familiar people wherever he goes. Nobody, save the criminal scumbags, will resent him for throwing Hadokens in their faces. Chun-Li is no exception.

    There’s an interesting plot line with Ibuki I should have mentioned when this subject first came up. We all know how immature she is in SF4. In that game, she’s still at the age where all of her hormones are firing up. All she thinks about is guys, and she even goes to the length of ditching her training to look for a hot date. At a fighting tournament, of all places. This understandably makes her look silly, but I think she adds a whole new layer of intrigue to the concept of romances in this universe. All of Ibuki’s win quotes make her priorities clear from the get-go: she doesn’t want guys that are weaker than her. She’s exceptionally strong for a girl her age, but like any good fighter, even she knows what her limits are. She wants her man to have the strength to protect himself, AND her if she ever needed it. There’s no greater showing of commitment than that. How could a guy prove himself to her if he’s not willing to fight her to his full capabilities? And if she can utterly destroy him after the fact, what good is he? Exhibiting weakness to her would just go beyond insulting. It’s almost the same as admitting you have no desire to fulfill the promises you make, and you only want her for sex, not for who she is. That’s why I love having her with Alex. He’s got the strength and the looks in spades, with a huge heart to boot. He can’t possibly let her down. 😀

    I think Chun-Li and the rest of the Street Fighter girls would more than likely feel the same way about the males they fight with. They’re not as open about it, but they almost always berate every guy they beat. This need for a strong fighter companion in life makes perfect sense when you look at the world they live in. On top of the common street thugs they see every day, people have to deal with supernatural dictators and armies of brainwashed soldiers trying to enslave humanity. For martial artists, fighting is the most reassuring skill to have. And yes, to maintain that skill they gotta keep fighting, even with people that are close to them. Ken knows it. Sagat knows it. Sakura knows it. And so does Chun-Li.

    I hope to see more discussions like this too. The blog could really use them.

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