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Hey RXCLP blog readers.

Sean, director of the project here.

Not only are my last art team and I only seven pages away from completing the 103-page main story, but including the art appendix, and mini-comic appendix, we have reached 200 pages. While we still have more work to come that will send us well over this number, this milestone is a big deal for us because we here at the RXCLP see anything less than 200 pages for our book as… well… not enough.

Our original plan for this book was for it to be a 25-30 page pitch book, but with that also came the fear that the book would be refused and become another unfinished piece of fan fiction floating in cyberspace. But now, that is clearly no longer the case. This book is going to be completed, and that is truly awesome.


Being able to tell someone you worked with people to produce a 100 page fan comic book is ok, but 200? Over 200? That turns some heads. That feels like something beyond a mere fan project. That feels like a time investment for both the producers and the reader. Of course the next questions someone might ask after hearing our book is over 200 pages are, “Is the book quality?” “Is it worth reading?” I think I finally know how to answer this question for not just our work, but for anyone writing their own story which they plan to share with the public.


Back when I wrote my Batman/Wonder Woman Justice League Fan Fiction “A Temporal Anomaly” , I thought my writing was ok.  But when I went back to visit it a couple of years later, I read the whole thing and you know what. It’s pretty darn amazing, or at least it is of a quality I never thought I was actually capable of. I looked upon my work and thought, “Wow…did I really write this?” I’m not patting myself on the back here. In fact, quite the contrary. My work was so good in my opinion that I started to question whether or not I had written the work even though I knew I had.  That, dear readers who would be writers, is how you know a piece you’ve written is truly worth someone else’s time: when you look back on the piece a year or more later and see a work better than you thought yourself capable of producing at the time you wrote it, maybe even something you may never be able to replicate. In short, you are unnerved by and in awe of your own piece. It feels like…well…a wonderful anomaly.


It should also be noted that I was a very passionate Batman/Wonder Woman fan when I wrote my fan fiction but am no longer. I still like the idea now, but recently I’ve drifted back into the Batman/Catwoman camp, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find my way back to the same level of passion for BM/WW again. One more reason I feel disconnected from my past work.

But my passion for Ryu/Chun-Li is… forever.

RyuXChun-li Onsen

It’s been well over a year since, in a fit of anger and passion, I wrote the script for “Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle.”  It’s been well over a year since I handed the script over to Darrell Hardy to improve. It’s been well over a year since we turned it over to Aaron Pinsky to improve even more. It’s been well over a year since we turned the script over to Team Rotaner to bring to life. AND, It’s been well over a year since true RCL fans started to rise up with hope and to donate money or art to our project to make it even greater. And what I see when I read the book now is a book of amazing quality each of my team members and I could never have produced if we had tried to do so alone. I find myself unnerved by and in awe of the work and wondering, “Wow, did I write this?”


And I’m thrilled to say the answer is, “No. WE did.” And that is the best kind of answer to give when working on a project because it means when the dust clears, all involved are not standing alone.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.29.25 PM

And you, the RCL fan who has yet to prove himself a true fan, there is still room for you to join us too! And we hope you will. Donate money or donate/commission some art and get your name in our book so you can stand with us when the world gets an eye full of our book: the greatest look ever at the market potential for Ryu/Chun-Li stories.


And as a final treat to celebrate our 200-page milestone, here is a sneak peek at one of the panels from the amazing mini-comic that holds the honour of being the 200th page produced for our book. We hope you enjoy it!.

panel preview

There is STILL time for you to join us. But far less than their used to be.

UPDATE: Shortly after this blog post was finished, more pages of the main book arrived. We are now at 215 pages which makes the project 93% complete. Now there is even LESS time to join us!

ryu-gem-runningchunli-gem-run                   Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 3.21.18 AM




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