In the Beginning…

Hey RXCLP blog readers!

There is a Bible parody joke that always makes us laugh:


In the beginning, there was nothing.

And then God said, “Let there be light!”

And there was still nothing.

But by God! You could see it!


And that’s pretty much how this project started… A whole lotta light: the idea lightbulb kind. And a whole lotta nothing. That was until we started communicating with artists of course!



Originally the Ryu X Chun-Li project was set to be a 30 page pitch comic for CAPCOM or the public, we hadn’t really decided which.  But to that undecided end, five artists reached out to us. We were going to post their sample pages on our blog and have the people on our Facebook Page vote for which artist they wanted to work on the comic.

That was until the undeniably awesome Team Rotaner, with their three art teams, swooped in and offered to do our entire 103 page script! It is Team Rotaner that has brought this project to the 84% complete and soon to be finished awesomeness that it is today!


But before Team Rotaner came along, each of these five artists and their work below gave us hope. We saw their work and realised that the RXCLP and its graphic novel now titled “Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle” could be a reality.  We hold each of these artists in the highest regard and will always be grateful for the hope they gave us. Click on their golden names to go to their deviantart pages if you wish (except #5, we couldn’t find her page, but we’ll keep looking!). For now, scroll down and see what the RXCLP might have been.



Ty Art









street fighter date night





More next time.


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