Anybody remember The site was pretty nice, the kind of place Chun-Li would likely visit on the web… y’know…if she were real. ūüôā A long time ago we used to visit the site to read about and see galleries of pictures of our favourite female fighter. But the site is gone now. All the good that was on the site is no longer on the web. But strangely enough, one bit of bile¬†from the site survived, a hate so strong that even the death of the site could not wipe it out.

It turns out the person who used to host was strongly against the idea of Ryu/Chun-Li together. Prepare yourself for some hate. The host wrote:

For months and months after writing my “Chun-Li +¬†Cammy” rant, I heard from absolutely none of the fanboys I had been complaining about earlier. While I knew that I would never be completely free of them, for the most part I thought I’d been victorious in my long, hard struggle to get them leave me the hell alone. That is, until about a month ago.


All of a sudden, the fanboys have been showing up en masse, insisting that Chun-Li and Ryu were meant to be together and that Capcom will confirm this eventually. My original arguement stands. I don’t really have anything new to add it, but for one tiny thing I shall address later. So instead, I’m writing this open letter and I hope that it won’t confuse TOO¬†many fanboys, since this WILL¬†require reading skills of someone on the fourth-grade level, unlike the majority of the Chun-Li &¬†Ryu fanfics I’ve seen.


Leave me alone. I’m not interested in what you have to say. You can write a thousand “OMG CHUN-LI &¬†RYU R MENT 2 B 2TOGHTER LOL!!1!!” messages, but if you’re hoping that one of them will magically change my mind, be ready for a life full of disappointment. All you are doing is damning your own cause by confirming the stereotypes I’ve come to associate with you and your fellow Ryu fanboys.


What do you hope to accomplish when you e-mail me your generic statements of support for Chun-Li &¬†Ryu?¬†Do you hope that yours will be the one to magically change my mind and let Chun-Li &¬†Ryu art and fics onto my site? “Chun-Li &¬†Ryu 4VR!” “Oh, wow, I’ve never thought about it like that!” I hope even you fanboys aren’t THAT¬†stupid.


So, perhaps you simply wish to express your discontent for my opinions. In that case, I suggest you all watch the movie Ghosts of Mississippi. There’s a nice little line in it about how wasteful it is to hate, because the people you hate either don’t know you hate them, or they don’t care. While hate is a strong word and I’m sure many of you don’t actually HATE¬†me, the fact remains that¬†I DON’T CARE.


Some of you have tried to prove that¬†[Ryu and] Chun-Li would be a good couple because there are Japanese doujinshis that show them as a couple. [sic] You don’t seem to realize that these doujinshis are independant publications and in no way are endorsed by Capcom. In fact, for every doujinshi with her and Ryu as a couple, there are at least a dozen of her with Cammy, instead…¬†


Capcom will not come to your side. Assuming they even MAKE¬†another true Street Fighter game, I can guarantee you that there will be no mention of Chun-Li and Ryu as a couple. Why?¬†Because if they were gonna do it, they’d have done it already!¬†They’ve certainly had plenty of chances since those two have been in dozens of games together. They even published an entire book explaining the plot details of the Street Fighter plot, and still no mention of a Chun-Li/Ryu romance.


And now for that new bit of evidence I referred to earlier. There’s a new Street Fighter comic in the works. It’s being published by UDON, a team of manga-inspired artists who’ve done work for other major publishers and titles. These guys are hardcore SF¬†fans from Japan, and they take the official plotline very seriously. At the Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus, Ohio, a good friend of mine named Paul Soth met one of the guys from UDON and talked a little about the comic. During the conversation, knowing my disdain for the Chun-Li/Ryu romance, Paul asked him if there would be anything of the sort in this new comic.


“Oh no, we’re sticking with the orginal storyline. I mean, all the guys are from Japan, and we’re avoiding the Maubu storyline.”

“So that who romance thing was never¬†official?”¬†[sic]

“Oh no. Not at all.”

I’ve heard secondhand accounts over the years of Capcom denying it, but this is a firsthand, 100%¬†official account. The Chun-Li/Ryu romance is a pure fabrication in the alleged minds of the fanboys.

Let me make one point perfectly clear: I would sooner close down permanently than upload this Chun-Li & Ryu crap to my webspace. You have ZERO chance of convincing me that Chun-Li & Ryu were meant to be together. Now, piss off!




The UDON panel at the 2012 New York Comic Con,¬†clearly a bunch of Japanese guys…LOL

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Now why post this on our blog, a place where Ryu/Chun-Li is celebrated? Well, for one thing, we miss It is a nostalgic part of what made us the proactive fans we are today, for sure. And…well…because my team and I needed to be reminded that no matter how amazing this book we’re producing is, there are going to be people who hate it.

And that’s ok.

CAPCOM and UDON may never make Ryu and Chun-Li a couple in any of their stories and games.

And that’s ok.

But regardless of the above, the book we’re producing is going to exist. And fans who want to see Ryu and Chun-li together are going to have a professional quality work to go to. The book we’re producing may not be official, but the quality and content will be high. Any haters who want to criticise this new Ryu/Chun-Li book effectively are going to have to read the work from cover to cover and add to its download and share count. Gotta love that! Who knows? We might convert a few Ryu/Chun-Li haters along the way. ūüôā

Arguing about fictional characters’ relationships is pointless. Why? Because the wonderful thing about fiction is anything can happen. You just have to pick up a pen, or in our case three published authors, three art teams, and over 40 awesome fan artists from all over the world, and make it happen. The real argument, if you can even call it that, is over whether or not something is official. And right now, Ryu/Chun-Li is not.

But things can change.

Consider DC comics. They’ve gone from almost a century of this…


…to this as one of their regular titles.


Who officially hooks up with who all depends on what a company believes is marketable.

And, Ryu/Chun-Li is marketable. One just has to surf the web to see the years of fan art for and passionate arguments over the pairing. If a one shot Ryu/Chun-Li comic appeared on comic book store shelves, people would buy it to love it or to hate it. CAPCOM/UDON is sitting on a small gold mine at the very least with Ryu/Chun-Li. We hope we help them see it. We’ve had online chats with Joey Ansah of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist fame and he believes Ryu/Chun-Li is marketable. Whether or not CAPCOM or UDON ultimately do, Mr. Ansah’s opinion is enough for us. Though, CAPCOM and UDON, if you are reading this, ¬†we would like to point out agreeing with Joey Ansah has gotten CAPCOM pretty far as of late. ūüėČ


¬†Stay strong, Ryu/Chun-Li fans. No matter what happens in our future, we’ll still have this book we’re producing and all the wonderful experiences and connections with people that come with it. Just make sure when our book does comes out, you share it like crazy and spread the Ryu/Chun-Li message far and wide. Love is always better to share than hate. And who knows? With this book on our side, CAPCOM and UDON may throw us a bone yet. ūüėÄ There is always hope.

More next time!


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