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Imagine you are a Ryu/Sakura fan or a Chun-Li/Vega fan, or a fan of any other pairing involving Ryu or Chun-Li with a different character other than each other. Or imagine you are someone who doesn’t want Ryu or Chun-Li paired with any other character. And then you come across our project.

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Our project wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were just some text-only fan fiction or a fan-made black and white, sex-fluid filled doujinshi. In these cases we could be dismissed as harmless or freakish by Ryu/Chun-Li haters (no offence to the people who make those works by the way. Deep respect for all those creative people!). But our project is very much the opposite. The Ryu X Chun-Li project is an over 200-page work that is respectful to the Street Fighter characters, and promises to be an exciting story. We’ve had some communication with Joey Ansah from Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist who believes our work is marketable. We’ve got three art teams, individual artists, and three published authors all on the job! We even have some quality videos and professionally produced theme music! And we’re giving all this awesomeness away for free!

With all these things going for us, we must seem pretty scary to those non-Ryu/Chu-Li fans. How do we know? Because we were pretty frightened by UDON’s latest Street Fighter book where Sakura indirectly admits she loves Ryu. Also, CAPCOM in Sakura’s Ultra Street Fighter IV ending suggests that Sakura loves Ryu as well, or at least it does according to the ending explanation in the Street Fighter wiki. We would be lying if all this Ryu/Sakura stuff didn’t fuel our drive to do this project. What can we say? Fear is a great motivator.

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But we were smart. Our fear made us do something positive and proactive. We still love UDON and CAPCOM, and we spend no time writing hateful comments about their Sakura loving Ryu decisions (Ryu hasn’t reciprocated yet by the way!). Instead we decided to make the “go to” work for people who love Ryu and Chun-Li together.

RyuChunli Rounded

It should be noted Ryu and Chun-Li fans have a major advantage over Ryu/Sakura fans. Ryu and Sakura fans will always have to explain themselves to the casual observer. The conversation usually goes something like this:

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Casual observer: So let me get this straight, you want Ryu to be in love a high school girl?

Ryu/Sakura fan: (sighs). She’s actually graduated college, she just wears the school uniform as a fashion statement, something that is popular with some adult women in Japan.

Casual observer: So the women can look younger, like high school girls, right?

Ryu/Sakura fan: (sighs)

And despite the fact that Sakura can be drawn in different uniforms, and we see her older self for a few minutes in her USF4 ending, the casual observer rarely sees these things or remembers them if they do. Bottom line, Sakura is always going to look much younger (and shorter!) than Ryu in most media, and she will be dressed like a high school girl most of the time. Ryu/Sakura fans are always going to have to have the above conversation with almost any person outside their fan base. And it doesn’t help that Japan, Street Fighter’s country of origin,  has taken a lot of fire recently for their penchant for loving young girl bands like AKB48, the high school uniform as a sex symbol, and sexually explicitly manga containing child characters that is still legal despite the country recently passing a long overdue law against child pornography. Be careful Ryu/Sakura fans! The casual observer may believe you have a penchant for these same things!


Ryu/Chun-Li on the other hand is a pairing that is comfortably mature, requires no explanation to overcome the characters’ designs/uniforms when they appear together romantically in fan art, and is a pairing that has been around since 1991 when Street Fighter II was first introduced to the world. Chun-Li and Ryu look the same age, or at least old enough to be dating each other if they were, and they have been around long enough and paired long enough in official art, merchandise, and other media to feel “right” to the general public when they are seen together.


And as for the argument that Ryu and Chun-Li have nothing in common, that’s the wonderful thing about fiction. Besides the fact they are both fighters, friends, both orphans who lost a parent to tragedy, and both have enemies out to make their lives miserable, you can come up with more things!

ryu-win-ts2SF the heart of battle LOGOchunny-ts-winz2

And now, unlike all the other people who like the other pairings we’ve mentioned in this work, some Ryu/Chun-Li fans have organised and are finally going to give the pairing a quality book. That is really amazing!!!!

But the sad thing is, the fans of the other pairings aren’t the only ones feeling fear.  Most of you reading this are too! Don’t believe us?  Then please explain why with all the work we’ve done…With all the work we’ve shown… Why haven’t more of you Ryu/Chun-li fans stepped up to help us? Those who have, you are awesome! But what about the rest of you? What are you afraid of?

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With all our quality work in front of you, why won’t you help us? What is your fear?


Please get over it: donate some cash (any amount will do!), donate some Ryu/Chun-Li art, commission some Ryu/Chun-Li art then donate it to us! Truly help us out by giving us what we need!  You want us to finish this climb of the Ryu/Chun-Li mountain faster? Then don’t just sit there! Throw us some monetary rope! Let us Ryu/Chun-Li fans unite and make this book so great together that the fans of other Street Fighter pairings won’t even be able to look us in the eye.

When you’re ready, hit the donate button on the left side of our Facebook Page. Look for it! It looks like this:

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Or contact us at…



And face your fear! 😀


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