The Love Lives of Gods



As can be seen in the above picture of Zues and Io, the Greek gods were always knocking boots with mortals. It was, and still is, part of their charm. And superheroes, the direct descendants of the Greek gods, do it as well.


But recently, that’s been changing. DC comics writers have been examining the relationships between their heroes a little more, shall we say, actively.


Comics aren’t just for kids anymore.

And frankly we at the Ryu X Chun-Li Project find this trend refreshing. In his book SupergodsBatman comic book writer Grant Morrison said that superheroes “are a bright flickering sign of our need to move on, to imagine the better, more just, and more proactive people we can be.” And we would like these things to manifest more often in the form of heroic couples.

ryu3wrScreen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.02.18 AM

For so long humanity has held high the fact one person alone can make a difference. And like we wrote, it IS a fact! The individual can make a difference! But what comes with this fact are competition and in many cases isolation. One person vs. the world. A foolish view to put in the forefront in a world with over six billion people. Not to mention this view puts all but the individual in a negative light. The rest of humanity becomes an obstacle to be overcome, not teamed up with. It’s impressive when the obstacle is overcome, but so sad too. Those were people you had to step over.


Now of course there are many super heroic teams out there which celebrate the idea of humanity working together. But what we don’t see enough of is super heroic married couples setting an example. Now we’re not saying the couples have to start out married. Readers need to have their build up, romantic tension, and all that. But we wonder what impact it would have on society if our heroes, for the long term, had partners as formidable as they were at their sides that they were also married to and in love with.


What if Zues had been absolutely faithful to Hera and treated her as an equal instead? Oh how our comics might be different!



What a wonderful stronger world it would be?


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