From Discord to Harmony

Hey RXCLP fans,

Welcome to our 60th blog post!

We were surfing the internet as we sometimes do when we’re waiting for art to come in to be approved or sent back for edits, and we stumbled upon this article in The Guardian: JK Rowling: Hermione should have married Harry, not Ron.


Rowling’s admission is a big ol’ piece of proof that no matter how much we humans choose to go against conventions, no matter how more enlightened as a species we become in regards to gender issues, one convention in fiction continues to, when ignored, make us uncomfortable and even willing to admit mistakes in our greatest fictional works, when we do not follow it: the hero gets the girl.


Even Disney’s greatly loved “Frozen” conforms to the “hero gets girl” story convention. The women are the heroes and they “get” each other. And just to be on the safe side, Disney had Anna and male supporting character Kristoff share a kiss at the end of the movie to show they were on their way to living happily ever after. Frozen, redefining true love? yes. Able to resist the convention of someone getting the girl? No. In fact, in Frozen, the girl is got not once, not twice, but thrice!

And before you get all picky about the definition of “get,” remember…



There are all sorts of ways to “get” someone.

But we digress. The point is, once you identify the hero of a story (usually the male lead) and the story’s female lead, there is an immediate expectation/assumption they will get together.

And when Street Fighter II came out in 1991, this is what millions of people all over the world saw:


Hero clearly identified by 1P icon start position. One woman in the whole game.


Which lead to fans thinking stuff like this:


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.53.55 PM

And ultimately a niche of fans with the hope/expectation of this:



A  niche of fans that still exists today 23 years later.



Of course, we have discussed why we think CAPCOM has not put Ryu and Chun-li together, and CAPCOM has never given an official reason. But the fact remains, discord has been created. Millions of casual and serious Street Fighter fans must feel it on some level.


And when discord from a particular source becomes too much for Nature to bear, Nature acts. For example, in response to the discord caused by the less than stellar Street Fighter movies, Nature called upon Joey Ansah and Christian Howard to finally fix the problem. And they have.

And now, there is a Ryu X Chun-Li Project.  Not a Chun-Li X Vega Project. Not a Ryu X Sakura project. Not a Camy/Chun-Li Project. A Ryu X Chun-Li Project! Nature started priming us over a decade ago with Brian Yip’s story. And now after 23 years of discord, Ryu and Chun-Li are finally going to be together in a story for the English speaking world.

Don’t believe us when we say the hero getting the girl is the opposite of discord?  Consider this: Not only has J.K. Rowling said that Ron and Hermione together was a mistake–the only way Nature can be appeased now Potter-wise since she can’t just rewrite the book,–but if you put Harry and Hemione’s name together, you get the word Potter fans use for fans of the pairing, the opposite of discord: Harmony fans.



And we’ll be bringing harmony to Street Fighter too. Pun totally intended.

Until next time!






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