Act II Complete!!!

Today is July 21st here in Japan, Ryu’s 27th or 50th birthday depending on who you talk to. But either way it is definitely a reason for celebration. And boy! Do we have a gift for him!


We at the Ryu X Chun-Li Project are pleased to announce that ACT II of the three Act Ryu/Chun-Li book we are producing is COMPLETE. All pages are coloured! All text is edited! The section is 100% done: 31 pages of pure Ryu/Chun-Li awesomeness!!! Why are we using the term “act” instead of “chapter?” Well, it goes with what we said in our newest attraction video. We think Street Fighter is the Shakespeare of fighting games and we wanted to echo that in our book.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 11.40.01 PM

We would like to give a huge RXCLP thank you to the Team Rotaner Team 2 artists whose names will be revealed on the credits page of our book when it is released next year. Their art, the swiftness with which they delivered it, and their amazing understanding and flexibility when it came to correcting art and text was an endless source of strength for the entire project. They are very hard workers who understand what it takes to be a successful art team and make a client’s dreams come true!

ryu-win-ts2Perfect 1 chunny-ts-winz2

Art Team 2, you are truly AWESOME!!!


Take a well deserved rest!

And don’t worry, Art team 1 and Art team 3 are working hard to cross the finish line with their sections as well. And they sincerely want to finish the book this year.

The RXCLP book is currently 160 pages and rising. And we are welcoming art and monetary donations to make it better until the last page is done.

If you want to help, especially in the “donate a piece of Ryu/Chun-Li art” department, contact us at

Make sure you “like” our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

And check out our newest video too.

Until next time!



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