Happy Anniversary Ryu X Chun-Li Project!

Hey RXCLP fans and followers! Happy New Year!

And happy anniversary to us!



One year ago toady, we started a non-profit project to create a graphic novel that finally brings Ryu and Chun-Li together in a story with a romantic conclusion, and we’re pleased to say we are getting closer to our goal. The book is being made and the art appendix is filling up with single pieces, back up comics, and hopefully a few cosplay photos from wonderful generous artists. You can see the ever growing list here. Just scroll down. More volunteers are always welcome!!!

And now some big news! We have two art teams working on the project now! The first art team which you’ve seen in our attraction video and previous previews will be doing chapters one, two, and five. And the second art team will be doing chapters three, four, and six. It’s still slow going, but it means two different awesome art styles in the book, and we are definitely moving faster than before. The work of these two teams together gives the whole book a more collaborative and community feel which is really cool. For those of you a little nervous about this, don’t worry. We’ll have some really cool chapter breaks to help settle you down.


Now I know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t this book done already? It’s been a year!!!  The only reason we aren’t done by now is our art teams’ overhead. We’ve paid them what we can between our money and the money you’ve donated, but it’s still below what art teams are normally paid for this kind of work, so while they are working hard, they have no choice but to divide their attention between the RXCLP and other work to put food on their tables. It’s as simple as that. As always, the power is in your hands to speed things up by donating to our project. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing everything we can to show you we are the real deal short of spoiling the book for you by revealing too much before it is finished. We hope you’ll help us out.

Now on with other things…

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 12.37.08 AM

Another reason we started this project a year ago was to try an figure out our reasons for doing it. Why is seeing a story with Ryu and Chun-Li so important to us to the point that we would work our way through the creative process and all the other risks involved? Why have no other fictional characters inspired us to go this far? Well, we’ve gained a little more insight. It’s not because we want to see them copulate. We’ve made it clear that won’t be happening in our book. It’s not because we want them to have kids (Chun-Li already has six going into this story!). It’s because together they represent an ideal for us–the perfect couple. And while they are fictional characters, they are still an ideal to strive for. Don’t ask us to explain why we feel this way (though we might try in a future entry). People who love this pairing already know why in their own minds and for now that’s good enough for us.

Y’know… whenever a birthday/anniversary rolls around for one of our friends, there is one question we always like to ask them. It’s not “How old are you?” Rather, it’s “What have you learned?”  Well, here’s what we have learned working on this project.

Ryu/Chun-Li fans have waited almost thirty years for a story between these two characters to exist. We knew it would be awesome. And we were willing to make something happen, but last year at this time we realised…

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.29.56 AM

And we also realised this book isn’t something we can do alone. If we want UDON/CAPCOM to take us seriously as fans, we have to act seriously and professionally. So now, we have our art teams, our story consultants, and our amazingly generous artists filling out our appendix. Hopefully before everything is done even more people will join our merry band!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 7.49.14 AM

Ryu and Chun-Li are a match made in heaven, but at the rate things were going we were all going to be in heaven before we saw it happen, so we here at the RXCLP decided to step up. With a little luck, 2014 will be the year this couple finally rises in the English-speaking world, even if it is only for one book.

RyuChunli Rounded

And now without further ado, here’s a page from our second art team starring one of the book’s main villains. The page isn’t in it’s final form yet, but it’s good enough for a preview. Behold the awesome!

PreviewSo many questions you must have, eh? Bet you can’t wait to read this book now…


Let’s see you prove it by helping us speed things up.

Donate today!



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