Pointless Professionals

How’s it going Ryu X Chun-Li fans and followers? Are you digging the video? If you think this video is sleek, wait until you see the presentation video we are going to put together for CAPCOM/UDON when the book is finished!


Keep sharing the video and letting people know we’re here. You never know what kind of awesome someone may bring to our door and your reading experience once they find out a Ryu X Chun-Li book is really happening!

Also, the official Ryu X Chun-Li song “The Project” which you hear in the video is still available for a $15USD donation. Head over to our Facebook page and hit that donate button if you want the whole three minute song. We’ll send the song as soon as your donation is confirmed. 🙂

And now today’s entry…

One of the things we hope will happen if UDON/CAPCOM accepts our book is that they will release it on Valentine’s day. That’s right, a nice little “What if…?” issue for the world to enjoy and get the whole Ryu X Chun-Li thing out of its system on good ‘ol February 14th. But as we were talking about this hope, one of us remembered an old comic based on the awesome Teen Titans animated series from 2003-2006.


Teen Titans Go! issue #39.

For those of you familiar with the show but not the comic, the story called “Stupid Cupid” is specifically set after the “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo” movie. In the story Larry, a character very similar to Superman’s Mxyzptlk and Batman’s Batmite, takes it upon himself to play matchmaker and pairs up romantic couples that he thinks should be together as inseparable soulmates such as: Bumblebee with Herald, Wildebeest with Argent, and Speedy with Cheshire. At the end of the story there is the following exchange.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.06.57 PM

And from this, Wikipedia offers the conclusion this issue was to serve as a message to the readers how annoying shipping is to the writers of the comic.

Shipping is pointless… Wow, that comment really takes the wind out of your sails, doesn’t it? So, are the writers of this comic right? Is the Ryu X Chun-li Project really pointless? Like Larry, would we be annoying more people than we would be entertaining? Perhaps. But we also found this in the same comic:

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.23.33 PM

So… According to the writers of this book, “You can’t really make PEOPLE fall in love…” But you CAN be a matchmaker as long as you do it professionally.

That’s great news! First of all, Ryu and Chun-Li aren’t people, they’re fictional characters! They CAN be made to fall in love!


Second of all, making our book a professional product is what we’ve been doing from day one!  We’ve said time and again in this blog that we are doing everything we can to make this book (and our tie in videos and music) as professional as possible. Then we are going to take our professional matchmaking work to UDON/CAPCOM and let those professional companies decide what to do with it. The Ryu X Chun-Li Project isn’t pointless. It’s an attempt to prove that fans can accomplish a story dream if they combine their efforts into a professional and tasteful approach instead of remaining a bunch of unorganised half-hearted likers or haters who can’t put their money, talent, or anything else significant where their mouths are.  We use to be these ineffective people who always wait for what they really want to come from someone or something else, and we refuse to be them again.

Now perhaps Cupid in the comic panel above is right in saying only he can make fictional characters fall in love, but do you know what couples who get married over here in Japan call the person who first introduced them to each other…?

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.49.17 PM

They call that person their CUPID, and, even if it’s only for one book, that’s who we hope we will be for Ryu and Chun-Li.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 10.58.10 PM



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