Consume and Contribute?

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If you’ve been through this blog, then you know the Ryu X Chun-Li Project has a lot of love for fans that create non-profit, tasteful, and respectful works with another intellectual property beyond the realm of text-only fanfiction. But, as awesome as these people are for devoting so much time and resources to what they do, they all have one thing in common…


They have no rights.

If the company that owns the intellectual property these  fans are using wants to shut them down, they can. End of story.

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We get the value of copyright. Without that protection there would be no industry.  Very much like the music business collapse, the same could happen elsewhere. If we could download it all for free or worse make money on a product by stealing someone else’s property, it would just destroy the original creators of the intellectual property’s ability to survive.


But here’s the thing. Companies that create the characters we love always talk about how devoted they are to their fans.  They want us involved, they want us excited because after all it’s the fans that keep them alive.  And many greats, for example George Lucas, knew the power in happy fans that felt like they were involved in creating the universe.

And of course, the promotion and advertising that comes from people making fan projects are invaluable.  There have always been artists that embrace fan work and to do so is brilliant.  These companies get to see their material in different mediums and different styles all from a fan perspective. They get to discover new talent, and even if the intellectual property’s fans hate the fan project, they will be talking about the property in question. There is also the additional bonus of fans making a company see the correct way to do a film as the Street Fighter Legacy short is on it’s way to accomplishing having evolved into the very legal Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist. Hey, perhaps the new fan made  Wonder Woman Short will accomplish the same thing!


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And yet… Perhaps you’ve heard about the finished Punisher fan film that Disney/Marvel just stopped from being released? The makers of this film are now experiencing our greatest fear, being stopped from release once our project is complete because of the threat of being sued. There would be nothing worse for us than to finally finish a book fans have been waiting for for almost thirty years just to be stopped dead by the company that owns our project’s beloved titular characters.


But what sets the Ryu X Chun-Li Project apart from this fan film is we’ve decided to go one step further and pitch this book to UDON/CAPCOM. The director of the Punisher movie above  is trying to do that now to Marvel and he’s been ignored at every turn. We, on the other hand, have made it clear we are going straight to the creators for a blessing and not just try to release the book without asking permission. We are going to walk up to CAPCOM and show them what they have inspired us, with help from people all over the world, to create.


But, we, of course, need to finish the book because CAPCOM isn’t going to listen to a bunch of nobodies, especially if they have nothing tangible to show them.


Our love of Street Fighter is in large part what brought us to Japan and had us set up our lives here. Being able to shake hands with a CAPCOM representative and sit in a meeting with them over the our book is as much a dream of ours here at the RXCLP as seeing Ryu and Chun-Li together is. And we’re going to make it happen!

And thanks to all the fans from all over the world who have been standing with us, donating! drawing! helping! Our chances of success are much so much higher and your names will be right there with ours in the book!

To be or not to be?

We choose… to be…

To contribute or just consume the mythology?

We choose to try and contribute, but we will let CAPCOM decide if and how just like they did for Street Fighter: Legacy/Assassin’s Fist and Street Fighter X Megaman.

Let’s get this book done, put it in their hands, and see what happens.

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Perchance to dream…

Okay… enough about all this copyright worry stuff…

More fun next time!


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