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I had a friend of mine meet me for coffee the other day. We had some business to attend to regarding a favour he did for me, and he also wanted to discuss something else–an idea he had for an educational card game and whether or not I wanted to collaborate on it with him.


This has happened to me a few times now ever since my own educational card game went on sale last April: people telling me their ideas for educational games in hopes I might help them get their product on the market. (My product is not a success yet by the way, I’ve still spent more on it than I’ve earned, but I am hopeful).

Of course, I always meet and hear these friends out, and they always have the same thing to show me…

man holding nothing

Absolutely nothing.

This is the problem with most people who have an idea. They have only that. They haven’t invested any time and money into developing a prototype, testing it and finding out if it works before talking to the people with the power to help.  Before I went to my friends and now business partners with my card game, I had already made a prototype (laminated cards with google images) and play-tested the game for three months. I had something tangible to show my friends who were willing to hear me out. And, consequently, they saw I was serious about my idea, were impressed, and partnered up with me to get it on the market.


Now what does this have to do with the Ryu X Chun-li Project? As you know, we are going to present our book to UDON comics and, in turn, CAPCOM. Are we going up to them with just and idea?  NO!!!!


Actual product will be even more awesome!!!

We are going to put a 100%  FINISHED professional-looking product in their hands…

A tasteful original action/romance Ryu/Chun-li graphic novel with back up comics and an art appendix, all put together by fans from all over the world…


And we’re going to pitch it to UDON and CAPCOM not as a book we hope will alter Street Fighter canon, but rather as a “What if?” story to be released on Valentine’s day.  We will argue the book would sell well if released during the month of love and would be a book many would want to read, even people outside the regular Street Fighter fan base because Ryu and Chun-li are iconic. They reach beyond! All this is something far easier for UDON and CAPCOM to taste and swallow, especially when all the work on the book already done for them. UDON does license and publish other finished works after all.  What’s one more? And CAPCOM would definitely be interested in a profit! Yes, UDON would need to go to bat for us with CAPCOM.  But if we give UDON a professional finished product to show CAPCOM and not just a rare or half-baked idea, our odds of success will be so much better!


Fans put a lot of blame on UDON and CAPCOM for not listening to them, but you as a fan have to ask yourself what have you really done to make the company  take notice? Have you put something tangible in their hands? Have you joined up with someone who is making something tangible for them? Or are you just talk?  Now, I suppose some of you are thinking, that’s all fine and good to tell me as a fan I’m not doing enough, but I’m just one person. I’m just a working stiff…yadda…yadda…yadda….

But if you were  to join us?

Consider… I’m just a working stiff too, but unlike my friend above, I’ve put money and work into this project. Consequently, workers and volunteers have started to believe in me and help me as a result. We’ve posted our combined work on this blog to show you what can happen when fans unite and act. You could join too!


The Ryu X Chun-li Project is truly humbled by all of the people so far who have volunteered their efforts in hopes of  making this project great. These are people who really want this book to be something special, to see Ryu and Chun-li finally together in full colour and story awesomeness. But these volunteers also understand that for this book to be a great work like a great cathedral, we need the work of many hands.


My point is, most of you reading this blog regularly know this project is the real deal! We’ve shown you comics pages, identified the artists working on the project, We are all doing our absolute best to bring this book into existence. And it will exist. The only question is how great and convincing it will be when we place it in UDON’s hands?  Well, that’s up to you isn’t it?

We need you to be more than just a “like” for this project. Come and join us! Be part of it! You are welcome if you truly want to help! We’re going to make this book as professional as possible and put it in front of UDON and CAPCOM when we’re done. We will print a physical copy for them to hold and read! We will pitch it to them as a “What if?” story to be released around Valentine’s Day. It will be hard for them to say no to a tasteful complete graphic novel that includes back up comics, and an art appendix, all created and funded by fans from all over the world!


Imagine if all our near 200 likes teamed up with us, contributed in some way to this book… Imagine if we Ryu/Chun-li fans truly came together?  All of us uniting would be something groundbreaking in the world of fanfiction. We would make web news, newspapers, the TV news, and with that level of media pressure, and, with our tasteful, intelligent, and professional finished product, we would most certainly make the comic book shelf as well!  Ryu and Chun-li fans unite!  Wow! In the words of Akuma… “Heaven and hell would quake!”

UDON and CAPCOM would want to give us a serious look because we are not just an idea. We are something finished, professional, and real! And if you join us…we are legion!

Drop us a line and let’s do more than  get this book done. Let’s unite and make it something truly great!



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