The Strongest Woman in the World.


Chun-li is an amazing character.  Time to talk about her in the context of our graphic novel.


Our story takes place five years after the end of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Chun-li is mostly retired from INTERPOL and definitely retired from street fighting. She spends her time teaching her kids in Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.02.18 AM

Yep, you read right. She’s a parent. When all was said and done, she rescued not just one, but six children from Urien’s clutches. And after she rescued them, she discovered they had no homes and no parents of their own to return to. So, she made a life changing decision and adopted them all. The tough INTERPOL cop we all know and love is still there, but she is a parent now and has been letting her gentle nature shine through more often for her children to the point where it is on the surface of her character most of the time. And she is glad of it after being angry and all-business for so many years. But, being gentle does not mean being naive or any less mighty. She is as wise about the world as she is beautiful. And she is always someone who can kick ass!


However, being a strong independent woman who can kick a hole through steel, does not mean she has sworn off the world of men.  And, when Ryu walks into her life after not seeing him for many years, she is pleasantly surprised. Is it love at first sight? Does she go all fan girl on him? Hell no!  He is a FRIEND, one who she hasn’t seen in a long time! But that doesn’t stop the noble fighter inside her from becoming excited by Ryu’s presence. Ryu is one of the best fighters in the world. He has battled fighters like Sagat and Akuma and lived to talk about it!  You can’t blame her for being impressed. Ryu deserves her respect, and admiration. He also deserves her thanks for defeating the tyrannical M. Bison, a man who caused her so much misery.


Also for Chun-li, Ryu represents a path not taken. Seeing him makes the fighter in her wonder what her life would have been like if she had completely dedicated herself to her fighting arts as he has. She would never leave her children, but even so she can’t help but wonder what could have been.


What will this emotional stew of respect and admiration for Ryu laced with the tiniest drop of doubt regarding her decision to settle down turn into? Only time will tell.

Next time… Ryu.

Until then, stay awesome!


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