Coming up…short?

Hey Ryu X Chun-li fans!

First let me say thank you for sticking with us this long. A graphic novel is something that isn’t made over night, but it IS being made, and it will exist. That I promise you. There is finally going to be a Ryu and Chun-i love story in English in full colour for the public to enjoy. And the story is great.

But it’s short.


Oh there are back up comics and an art appendix which will give the book some more thickness, but the main book, the one you’ve been waiting for, the main Ryu/Chun-li love story, is…short.

You’d think 106 pages (the script’s current length) would be enough.  Most comics are only 24 pages, so, when you do the math…


We are producing almost five standard comics.


26 pages more than a 80 page giant.

DC 100-Page Super Spectacular #23

6 more pages than a 100 page super spectacular.

However when we handed the script over to our highly-respected “A” readers, Aaron Pinsky/Psychoblue, writer of the amazing Ryu/Chun-li fanfic “End of a Journey”, and David “Duake” Muich, founder of the RCL4ever website, They agreed the story was worthy of the couple, but…and I quote:

David: As far as the relationship between Ryu and Chun-Li is concerned, it seems rather rushed…. 

Aaron:  I agree with it being short, not so much length as just overall development.

As for me,  I’m happy with the work as it is. But, when it’s finally in your hands, like David and Aaron, you may not be.


Currently we are under a gentlemen’s agreement to receive 106 pages from our art team and script consultant for the money we have currently raised: $2,332 USD. That’s pretty awesome considering most artists ask for anywhere from $50 to $100 USD a page. Our art team, Team Rotaner, and script consultant, Darrell Hardy, are working hard because they love our story as it is now, but they have their overhead and bigger paying jobs running along side us. If we want more, we’ve got to help them out. It will take at least as much money as we’ve raised for the art team and script consultant to accept altering the agreement as it is now.

To help you get a better picture..heh…of what we’re doing at the project, here are drafts of the first four pages of our book– two in full colour.   And while they still need some editing, we hope you can see the quality of the work you have to look forward to and see this IS the book you’ve been waiting for.





Pretty awesome, eh? Bet you wish you could turn the page and find out what’s going to go down on that roof right now… 😉

Let me be clear. I’m happy with the book as it is going to be now, and very proud of what we have accomplished. But if  YOU are worried YOU are going to feel the same way David and Aaron do when YOU read the main story, YOU need to help out.

So, with all that on the table, let’s set a target of $2000 USD.  Seem like a lot?  Well, if every one of our Facebook likes donated $11.36 USD, right now we would have the money today.  This would give us enough capital to renegotiate the gentlemen’s agreement and get the extra pages and extra depth in the story Aaron and David feel they need so they, and perhaps you, don’t feel the story is…short.


And, to sweeten the deal, if we reach this goal, I, Sean Anderson, director of the Ryu X Chun-li Project will add to the fan donations with another $1000 dollars of my own.  So, that’s $3000 dollars worth of more pages and script consulting for you. One of my goals for this project is to see how strong the Ryu/Chun-li fan base is. Are we all awesome, or do my few fellow donators up to this point and my team walk alone?



if you and your fellow fans combined donation efforts fail to reach the goal, I will 100% refund these latest donations to you and we will go with the graphic novelette as is. Like I said, I’m happy with the book as is, and don’t mind losing a bit in Paypal fees to prove a point.


Donations will be collected one of two ways.

1. You can hit the donate button on our Facebook page and donate a fixed donation of $15 USD.

2. You can contact us at and we will help you donate a larger or smaller amount.

A donation count will be kept on the Facebook page.

Deadline for donations will be July 21st, 2013, Ryu’s 49th Birthday.


CAPCOM is NEVER going to do this story. UDON is NEVER going to do this story. BUT WE ARE. We’ve written it. We’ve found an amazing art team, We’ve brought a professional script consultant to work the script to awesome level! We have back up comics and an art appendix!  This IS a Ryu/Chun-li story written by Ryu/Chun-li fans–people who understand the frustration you feel at a Ryu/Chun-li story not being given the treatment it deserves!

This may very well be the story you’ve been waiting almost 30 years for. That is, if you’re not worried about it being…short.

Keep spreading the word! We hope to hear from you soon.


Sean Anderson

Ryu X Chun-li Project


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