You came to this blog expecting something about an art contest, didn’t you? We did have one planned. We still have all the sample art.  We had all the blog entries for each individual artist ready to go. And, the artists themselves are and always will be amazing people in our book. They brought us not only art, but hope for our project.

We sent them all an e-mail a few days ago. Here is an edited version to maintain privacy and improve readability:

Dear Artists,

We have news.  

As you know, we have been trying for over a decade to produce a Ryu X Chun-li graphic novel. We figured the only way we could do it was through donations and one 30 page book at a time with the possibility of never being able to finish it past the first book if the fans were not pleased. We were content with that, but our luck has suddenly miraculously changed.

A company has swooped in and offered to do the entire graphic novel. Not just 30 pages, but all 100 pages of our entire project for our current donation total of $2200 USD. This company is not only full of talented artists, but their head is a huge fan of the Ryu/Chun-li pairing, and he understands this project is an incredible opportunity for exposure. They are beyond happy to take what little money we have already collected to do our entire project with all the communication and revisions we need to make it perfect.

So, we are sorry, but the Ryu X Chun-li Project art contest is cancelled. We hope you will understand what an amazing opportunity this is for us and not harbor us any ill will as we chase our dream.  Your test pages along with your paragraphs were all amazing. They gave us great hope in our previous state of uncertainty. But we have to accept this company’s offer because it comes from talented artists who are die hard Ryu X Chun-li fans like us, and also like us are willing to put aside profit to make this entire book, not just a piece of it, a reality. 

It may be asking too much, but we would be honored if we could include the unfinished test pages you sent us in our book when our book is finished. We would like to document our journey to make the book, and you have been a valuable part of it. It would also allow you to share in some of the exposure this book will get. Of course, if you want us to leave your work and names out, we will do so.

A Ryu X Chun-li love story made by fans for fans is going to hit the world in comic book form for all to enjoy for free. So many are going to check it out. 

Thank you for everything. In your time with us, you gave us more than art. You gave us hope.


Ryu X Chun-li Project

So…um…yeah. There you go.  Project funded. Production starts in a week or two. We’ll be keeping the people who donated apprised with updates, sneak peeks, the exact release date, and any other goodies we can muster.

If you want in on these goodies, the donation door is still open as we will need money for production costs outside the artwork. We are going to cover the costs ourselves, but if you still want to help, we won’t turn you away.

See the rest of you on release day. Keep your “like” firmly fixed on our Facebook Page to find out when that will be.

One additional note, there are a few of you fans who have been corresponding with us through deviantart.com. If you need to reach us, from now on contact us only at ryuxchunliproject@gmail.com



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