No Damsels Allowed!

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And now to the matter at hand.


People who react negatively  to the Ryu X Chun-li pairing, and consequently our project, often assume everyone who would create a Ryu X Chun-li story would play Chun-li as a damsel in distress.  Here’s a sample post:

‘Back in the day’ I was a Ryu x Chunner and I would have argued passionately for [the couple]. I am still a fan of both [characters]. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that Ryu x Chun would essentially destroy the character of Chun-li. I’ve seen really well done fan videos of Chun-li getting beat by Gill and then Ryu comes in and nobly and caringly [sic] carries away his poor hurt damsel in distress. These things made me realize…is this what we really want for one of the original video game heroines. [sic] For her to cry out, “Ryu! Save me!!!” Please no. I still say Chun-li should marry a non-fighting pastry chef and Cammy should marry a non-fighting veterinarian who takes care of her cat. This way we don’t have to deal with any ‘saving their girlfriend’ BS from capcom [sic] and they can remain the heroes of their own stories…


While we didn’t see the pastry chef and veterinarian coming, we do sympathize with this poster. His or her response is completely understandable. Many fanfic writers in their works make Chun-li a character that ends up needing to be saved. Though to be fair, she has needed to be saved at least once in an official CAPCOM work, but we digress.



 What people like the above poster have in common is a fear of lazy research on the characters and lazy writing. Making Chun-li a damsel in distress in a story in this day in age is very much both.

Fortunately, this is where the Ryu X Chun-li Project differs significantly from many other Ryu X Chun-li works out there. We believe a damsel in distress is what Chun-li should NEVER be. The Project believes the best Ryu X Chun-li relationship would be based on a partnership in which the characters help each other achieve their goals from positions of strength, not rescue one another.




The very nature of the Ryu X Chun-li project, a full color graphic novel on the web for free, starring SF characters, and created by fans for fans, will cause all kinds of people, even those that can’t stand the pairing, to give it a read. Hopefully, on that day, even a few haters will say. Hey, that was a pretty even-handed piece and both characters were treated with the respect they deserve. Not bad. This is the Ryu X Chun-li project’s ultimate goal.


We hope you’ll help us to achieve it.


And on that note…




If you would like to donate to our project, for a confirmed $30 USD donation, we will thank you with a free copy of the Ryu X Chun-li Project–Traditional Towel version guest starring Alex and Ibuki! This 1024 X 768 digital wallpaper for your desktop is exactly like the art in the preview above with it’s background reminiscent of Ryu’s onsen stage from Street FIghter III.

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And of course, there is still the IDarkShadowI produced  Ryu X Chun-li Project piece. A piece inspired by the fanfic Hero of Heroes a.k.a. Ryu and Chun-li Forever written by the late Brian Yip!

 RyuXChun-li Onsen

For a confirmed $30 USD donation we will thank you with a free copy of the Ryu X Chun-li Project–Swimsuit Spectacular version. This 1024 X 768 digital wallpaper for your desktop is exactly like the art above minus the watermark, of course.

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5 thoughts on “No Damsels Allowed!

  1. I very much agree with you! Chun-Li is a strong warrior and tough-as-nails Interpol agent! It is very unplausible for her to become a simple damsel in distress like Princess Peach…….however I like to believe that even the strongest women in the worls (aka Chun-Li) can come into a situation where her opponent is just to strong for her alone or is forcing her hand by threating someone she cares about and because of that would need the help of Ryu. Of course Chun-Li beeing in need of rescue (after being overwhelmed even though she fights back valiantly and inflicting huge casualties on her kidnapper) would give him a reason to fight and save the one woman he feels attracted to! 😉
    When i wrote my fanfic “Shadow Lady” I had this in mind as well and tried to not make Chun-Li a damsel in distress.

  2. Thank you so much, BasiliusGalenus, for taking the time to comment. It seems your really trying to make things come out even handed in your story. No easy feat.

    For us, this challenge made for a lot of back and forth, rewriting scenes, and a ton of frustration. It was only when, after a day of writing and getting nowhere, and we all sat down to watch Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie that we started to solve the problem.

    As you know in the film, Ken is captured by Bison, and up until the start of Ryu’s battle with Bison, the viewer thinks Ryu is going to have to save Ken. But, in the end, while Ryu does fight for Ken, it’s Ken who saves himself. It’s Ken that overcomes Bison’s control, both mentally and physically. It’s Ken who decides friendship is more valuable than the new power and focus Bison has forced on him. And the viewer also gets a front row seat to an awesome spiritual side of Ken that many of us didn’t think he had in him. When Ryu and Ken finally team up at the end movie, The viewer has the sense that, while different, these two really are “equals” no matter what a monitor cyborg’s numbers say.

    We believe, and we hope we are right about all this, that the equality described above is what the Chun-li fans who like to keep her as far away from Ryu as possible, are silently hoping for. And we’re doing our absolute best to find our own way to pull it off.

    Keep spreading the word about us! Thanks again for commenting!

  3. I feel like the term ‘damsel’ is getting a bad rap. It seems like the easy way to do it is to equate ‘damsel’ with ‘helpless’. And that isn’t the case. I agree that there should be a medium-making her utterly helpless in the face of adversity is lazy…but so is making her a ‘Warrior Sue’, who defeats every opponent she fights…because in SF canon, that isn’t true…

    …and what’s wrong with a story where she might need to be rescued? After all, is it wrong for ‘The World’s strongest woman’ to need asssitance?

    My issue is the poster who feels that Ryu and Chun being a couple would mean that Chun-Li would have to be a ‘damsel’…heck, media has plenty of examples where two people get together and they both retain their awesomeness!!! In fact, there are examples where being in a relationship gives the characters strength-you can discover new power when you have somethine to fight for (cliched as hell, I know)…but that’s my opinion, not right or wrong…

    • And we are glad to have you share your opinion with us! Thanks for the comment, Christopher! Actually, after a discussion with the poster, the truth was it is bad writing they fear, not so much Ryu and Chun-li being a couple. And hey, there’s always gonna be people who don’t like the pairing. Nobody likes everything. Just be glad there’s a place like our page to hang out and enjoy a ton of Ryu X Chun-li goodness! If you really wanna stick it to the haters of the couple, help us with a donation so we can get this comic out, surpass every pairing fanfic out there,and put Ryu and Chun-li on top where they belong! 😀

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