Let’s talk about sex.


If someone following our project is looking for a Ryu X Chun-li story where the story has a sex scene, we’re sorry. As much as a few of us at the project would like to give it to you, we can’t.

Those fans who have clicked the “about” link on our Facebook page know our project has the additional hope of getting CAPCOM to take notice of and smile upon us one day. As unlikely as that may sound, CAPCOM’s not going to do it at all if we create a story that turns their characters into hentai stars. It would be bad for their business.

Can you imagine the headline:



It’d never happen.

Sometimes you gotta play by the rules. But, as you all know, nothing breeds creativity like rules!

Our next donation count on March 1st, Chun-li’s birthday! If you haven’t already, please consider donating to our project. There’s a lovely piece of art in it for you that we guarantee will get your Ryu X Chun-li heart thumping. Scroll down this blog or contact us at ryuxchunliproject@gmail.com for details.

More next time,

Ryu X Chun-li Project


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