Wine after Whiskey…


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A question we often get from people we talk to about the Ryu X Chun-li project is why not just write a fanfic and be done with it? Take our story, paste it on, and move on. Whenever we hear this question, we are reminded of a lyric in Carrie Underwood’s Wine after Whiskey:

Once you’ve tasted a love that strong you can’t go back. And you can’t settle on anything less.

Over the last two years, we’ve had the honor of working with an amazing artist on a groundbreaking educational product that goes on sale in March of this year. In this product, we got an opportunity to bring to life in manga form original characters that have been in our heads since we were teens. We guided the entire work from concept, to pencils, to inks, to full color glory. It has literally been a dream come true.

But now we can’t go back.

We’ve tasted the bliss of creating a story with full color art and we can’t go back. Writing a fanfic now would be like drinking wine after whiskey.


Our work with an artist also opened our eyes to a truth about the art community. There are a lot of reasonably price talented artists out there looking for an opportunity to shine. And there are several with some real love for the Ryu X Chun-li pairing. All one needs is the burning desire to see their story come to life and the money to pay the artist.


If you think you don’t have the money, just think about how much money you spend on entertaining yourself each year including junk food.  The truth is you have the money. You just need patience to let it collect and the will to spend it on your dream.

After working on a manga-style project for two years and change full of work and waiting, we have the patience.

Ryu X Chun-li is a story we want to bring to life. We realize if we didn’t it would be one of the greatest regrets in our lives. We have the will and the dream.


And, in time, we will have the money.

This graphic novel is going to happen!

On that note, thanks to those of you who have donated so far. We hope you are enjoying the Ryu X Chun-li desktop wallpapers. Pretty sexy, eh? Nothing but the best for our supporters!  As a behind the scenes treat for all who come to this blog, below are three .pdf files we wrote when communicating with the artist for the commission. Enjoy!

And if you haven’t donated yet, or would like to donate more so you can get the art, remember the steps.

Contact us at with an e-mail telling us how much you would like to donate to the project.

We will reply with our Paypal information.

You send the money and then…

And then…

For a confirmed $30 USD donation we will thank you with a free copy of the Ryu X Chun-li Project–Swimsuit Spectacular Wallpaper. This is a 1024 X 768 digital wallpaper for your desktop of the above art. In the piece Ryu and Chun-li are wearing swimwear.

For a confirmed $50 USD donation, we will thank you with a free copy of the Ryu X Chun-li Project–Forever Edition Wallpaper. This is a 1024 X 768 digital wallpaper of the above art. Swimwear tastefully not included.

For a confirmed $70 USD donation, we will thank you with free copies of both works.

 You want to make a Ryu X Chun-li comic happen? Here’s you chance.
More next time!

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