Our First Reward for Donations!

ImageDonations to produce something that doesn’t exist yet like a Ryu X Chun-li graphic novel are tough things to get. Unless people are really in love with an idea or feeling particularly generous, or both, they won’t throw caution into the wind and help you out. Simply put, donating to any project is like ours is a risk and with risk comes fear.

One way to help people overcome their fear of risk is with reward. Of course, this reward can’t be just anything. It should be something meaningful to the person donating their money (Ryu X Chun-li fans) and a true symbol of what the Ryu X Chun-li project is trying to accomplish.

With that in mind, we pondered what kind of reward would get more Ryu X Chun-li fans to move beyond a simple Facebook like and help us out. In the end, it was the late Brian Yip that gave us the answer. Here are a few lines from the final chapter of the premier Ryu X Chun-li fanfic, Hero of Heroes a.k.a. Ryu and Chun-li Forever:


Ahhhh this feels nice… Ryu closed his eyes, feeling the heat of the hot spring all over his body. All the tension and pain from his wounds melted away. As he let his body relax, he could hear the faint dropping of clothing in front of him… and when he opened his eyes… he saw a lovely creature before him.
A captivating, voluptuous Chinese woman stood across from him, completely without clothing….
Ryu swallowed hard, feeling heat build up within his face which was not caused by the hot spring. Most men would probably sell anything and everything they own just to catch the sight that Ryu has right before him. After taking almost too long of a gaze, Ryu mumbled a bit, unable to form whole words.

Inspired, we contacted idarkshadowi and commissioned an exclusive piece of art based on the above prose.

And here is a preview of the tasteful work:


Completely revealed, it is absolutely PERFECT. A must have for any true Ryu X Chun-li fan!

So, here’s the deal…

Contact us at ryuxchunliproject@gmail.com with an e-mail telling us how much you would like to donate to the project.

We will reply with our Paypal information.

And then…

For a confirmed $30 USD donation we will thank you with a free copy of the Ryu X Chun-li Project–Swimsuit Spectacular Wallpaper. This is a 1024 X 768 digital wallpaper for your desktop of the above art. In the piece Ryu and Chun-li are wearing swimwear.

For a confirmed $50 USD donation, we will thank you with a free copy of the Ryu X Chun-li Project–Forever Edition Wallpaper. This is a 1024 X 768 digital wallpaper of the above art. Swimwear tastefully not included.

For a confirmed $70 USD donation, we will thank you with free copies of both works.

This is a great deal since each piece of digital art is worth $100 USD. Not to mention you will receive the work immediately after donating instead of having to give feedback on it and wait weeks for its production like we did. (Hey, great art takes input and time!)

We wanted to set the donations value lower.  However, we need people who receive the art to donate enough to make them think twice about sharing the works on the Internet after they receive them and, therefore, spoil their exclusiveness, and their power to raise donations for the project for all fans. Only a significant donation amount can do that.

And don’t forget the money you donate gets added to our donation total next month and, once we reach our target, goes directly into producing a Ryu X Chun-li graphic novel for you and the rest of the world to finally enjoy! Think about that awesomeness!

Well, there you have it, our first donation reward. We hope you’ll help us out. An awesome wallpaper (or two) of you favorite couple is waiting.

Note, those of you who have already helped us out with donations will be receiving both wallpapers in your inboxes today.

More next time!

Ryu X Chun-li Project


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