Ryu/Sakura? WRONNNGG!



Let’s get one thing straight: we love Sakura. If anyone deserves to be Ryu’s student and even successor as Street Fighter’s wandering warrior, it’s her.  In fact, as far as we’re concerned, Street Fighter III should have been Sakura’s game to lead, not Alex’s.  Yeah, that’s right people. Sakura Rules!

But when anyone brings up the possibility of a romantic relationship between Ryu and Sakura to us here at the Ryu X Chun-Li project, one word immediately pops into our heads.


We can’t stand this pairing. Ick!  It would be like Wolverine and Jubilee from the 90’s X-men animated series dating!  Double ick!

Now calm down all you Ryu/Sakura fans.  We aren’t here to start something with you. Keep on shipping them. We mean no offense. We simply want to use this blog entry here to analyze why a Ryu/Sakura romantic relationship is so abhorrent to us at the Ryu X Chun-Li Project and why we cling to the Ryu/Chun-Li relationship idea so tightly. Neither one of us is right or wrong.  This is all in fun. If it helps, here’s a video for you as a peace offering.

Now try as we might, we at the RXCLP were unable to articulate the reason for feelings about Ryu/Sakura shipping beyond the above picture for years. It wasn’t until we had a word with Ryu/Chun-Li fanfic author Psychoblue (End of a Journey) that we finally understood ourselves.

Simply put, Sakura does not age or mature.

Sakura will forever be a schoolgirl.  Can you imagine Sakura being in a Street Fighter game without her trademark school uniform and red bloomers as her default uniform?  Didn’t think so.  Even Omar Dogan, the artist responsible for the art in UDON Entertaiment’s Street Fighter Legends: Sakura, gave this solid fan expectation a nod.

See, my logic is this: Sakura being a tomboy would never choose to wear a skirt on her own time. Her “sailor outfit” is a school uniform…. HOWEVER, if people kick up enough fuss I will put her back into a skirt, so let me know what you think.

Omar Dogan, Street Fighter Legends: Sakura #1


On the other hand, Ryu has clearly gained some years.  One only has to look at the official CAPCOM art below to understand.


We at the Ryu X Chun-Li project have lived (and some of us are still living) in Japan.  Japanese girls of Sakura’s age, while fun to watch fight (or dance) in the shortest of skirts, often don’t have much to contribute to a partner in terms of life experience-enriched conversation and action (AKB48 anyone?).  Any man who would take Sakura as a lover at her eternal high school age and eternal high school mentality would have to spend their mortal life raising her while loving her. Never a good combination, ever.

If you need further convincing, ask yourself how would you feel if a man Ryu’s age (officially 9 years her senior in SF Alpha) were dating your high school daughter.  Add on the fact your daughter wants this older man to be her teacher too, all while she’s wearing that uniform with its high frequency of panty shots.

Yeeeeargh!!!   ICK!!!!



Sakura will appear in our comic. But we will put the whole Ryu/Sakura thing to rest right away and in a very amicable manner. Donate and see!

More next time!


5 thoughts on “Ryu/Sakura? WRONNNGG!

  1. Lily says:

    Sakura was the ONLY girl to break Ryu out of his crazy demon mode. That is a ‘PUNCH IN THE FACE’ to people like you who bash on SakuraXRyu pairing. The romance/chemistry is there.

    It’s just your opinion. In Asian cultures, age gaps aern’t a huge deal. Ryu and Sakura are not white, they are Asian. So once Sakura becomes of legal age, Ryu can still develop something for her. Sakura and Ryu are always mentioned together in movies and in games. “Sakura always searching for Ryu” And even in the newest Street Fighter movie hinted romance between them: THIS IS AFTER SAKURA GROWS UP INTO A MORE MATURE YOUNG LADY. Ryu and Chun Li may have a thing going on, but Guile and Chun Li were more compatible.

    • You are exactly right. It is just our opinion. And we certainly hope one day Ryu/Sakura fans and or Chun-Li/Guile fans have enough passion to put their money where their mouths are and but together their own 300+ page book as we have for Ryu and Chun-Li here:


      Who knows, maybe Ryu/Sakura fans and Chun-Li/Guile fans, if they ever produce a book, will get over 10,000 readers to date as we have. Maybe they’ll get a foreword from Mike Moh as we have. Maybe they’ll get told their idea is marketable by Joey Ansah as we have. Maybe they’ll get over 100 artists from around the world voluntarily contributing to their book as we have. We genuinely hope so.

      But, the fact remains that Ryu/Sakura fans and Chun-Li/Guile fans after all these decades still do not have passion enough for their opinions to put in the time it take to put their story in the public eye any higher than the odd piece of art or a text only fan fiction. Yep, Ryu and Chun-Li may be just our opinion, but it is one opinion out of all the Street Fighter ships out there that fans all over the world were willing to unite for two years to bring to life. It’s the Street Fighter ship opinion with the greatest public support in terms of time and energy and physical product to date.

      And, this is just our opinion mind you, but we don’t think Ryu/Sakura fans or Chun-Li Guile fans are strong enough in their convictions to do the same.

      Though we do hope we’re wrong. We’d love another book to read.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I used to think Guile and Chun li would be a great pair but ever since I played Street Fighter 2. I don’t think Guile is a perfect pair with Chun li..First, He’s married with a daughter. Second, I really find that spark with Ryu and Chun Li for some unknown reason I cannot explain but as they say, true love knows no explanation. And I read an article, Sakura’s admiration for Ryu was first attributed to Chun Li during the debut of Stret Fighter 2 so it is possible that Chun Li had this admiration to a warrior like Ryu and that could develop into something like a blossoming romantic feelings. I still ship Ryu and Chun Li relationship and I think Sakura is better like a little sister to Ryu which he never had anyway because he grew up with no family. But a three way love triangle would be fine by me..Hehehehe..

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