Ryu and Chun-Li Forever–Recovered!


On February 26th, 2010, Brian William Yip (aka NightDragon) passed away. He was 29 years old. Mr. Yip was the man responsible for writing what is arguably the most famous Ryu X Chun-Li fan fiction on the internet, Hero of Heroes. This story is better known to some under its domain name…

Ryu and Chun-li Forever.

We read Hero of Heroes over a decade ago. And while the story we will produce through this project is completely different from NightDragon’s story, Hero of Heroes is the story that turned us into true Ryu X Chun-li fans.

On October 7th, 2012,  http://rcl4ever.blogspot.jp/ was started in Mr. Yip’s honor and the chapters of the story were moved there, but the person in charge of the site has not updated the page for over a year and though he has posted all the chapters, the site does not give access to them unless you fiddle with the web addresses. A sad state of affairs for such a valuable piece of Ryu X Chun-Li history.

So, in honor of Mr. Yip, we tracked the original story down, the prologue, all twenty-five chapters, and the lost 26th chapter using web addresses from the now dead Street Fighter Fan Fiction Archives and gathered the entire story together for you all to enjoy.  You can download the story at the link below:

Ryu Chun-Li Forever Complete

In Honor of Brian William Yip aka NightDragon

(May 24 1980 – Feb 26, 2010)


7 thoughts on “Ryu and Chun-Li Forever–Recovered!

  1. I used to run the RCL4Ever.com site when Brian was still alive. Someday I’ll bring the site back when I have the ability. He is sorely missed.

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