Round Two! Why No Kickstarter?

When we started the Ryu X Chun-Li project, we seriously began setting ourselves up on Kickstarter. What better way to raise money for such an amazing project like ours, right?  But…

Well, we did some research and we found that there are absolutely no graphic novel projects based on existing intellectual properties on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. There are fan films like this one and even music compilation and remix attempts, but not a single non-profit graphic novel in sight.

And, after talking with members of CAPCOM UNITY, we learned that the best thing to do is just complete a non-profit project and release it without drawing too much official attention to it. Here’s a quotation from SVEN at CAPCOM UNITY, the man responsible for bringing MEGAMAN X STREET FIGHTER into the public eye:

I have to make clear, we didn’t endorse [Megaman X Street Fighter]. We bought the project outright, compensated the developers of the title, provided creative direction and feedback for the remaining duration of development, handled all QA, marketing and distribution. It was a collaboration. It was not an endorsement.

As I’ve mentioned in several media interviews, this was a fairly unique situation where the right project (SFxMM) came at the right time (prepping for the transition from one 25th anniversary to the next). It’s not something that we’re likely to be formalizing into an ongoing program.

Fan games are amazing but all too often, unfortunately when our IP/legal group hears of such things, they must often shut them down to defend IP rights (lest we be in jeopardy of losing trademarks/copyrights in various territories).

More often than not, it is better that we not be officially aware of fan project of this nature. This was a very special case where I was able to make everything work out.


So, for now, we’re happy on Facebook.  We’ll keep gathering our donations and working towards our goal without drawing too much official attention.

More next time!


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