In the Beginning…

Hey RXCLP blog readers!

There is a Bible parody joke that always makes us laugh:


In the beginning, there was nothing.

And then God said, “Let there be light!”

And there was still nothing.

But by God! You could see it!


And that’s pretty much how this project started… A whole lotta light: the idea lightbulb kind. And a whole lotta nothing. That was until we started communicating with artists of course!



Originally the Ryu X Chun-Li project was set to be a 30 page pitch comic for CAPCOM or the public, we hadn’t really decided which.  But to that undecided end, five artists reached out to us. We were going to post their sample pages on our blog and have the people on our Facebook Page vote for which artist they wanted to work on the comic.

That was until the undeniably awesome Team Rotaner, with their three art teams, swooped in and offered to do our entire 103 page script! It is Team Rotaner that has brought this project to the 84% complete and soon to be finished awesomeness that it is today!


But before Team Rotaner came along, each of these five artists and their work below gave us hope. We saw their work and realised that the RXCLP and its graphic novel now titled “Street Fighter: The Heart of Battle” could be a reality.  We hold each of these artists in the highest regard and will always be grateful for the hope they gave us. Click on their golden names to go to their deviantart pages if you wish (except #5, we couldn’t find her page, but we’ll keep looking!). For now, scroll down and see what the RXCLP might have been.



Ty Art









street fighter date night





More next time.


63 True Fans and Counting…

Hey there Ryu X Chun-Li Project  blog readers.


Sean, director of the RXCLP here.


While we wait for the last twenty pages of our 103-page main story, I decided to read through our 84% complete main book tonight–again. I fixed up some art. I fixed up a few bits of dialogue, and I added the new new art piece from to the art appendix. I even fixed a typo in the disclaimer. I have read through the nearly-completed book many times now, and you know what? It gets more awesome every time. The Ryu/Chun-Li fan in me tingles with joy. We who have had the courage to help make this project something special by donating money, donating art, and working directly on this book have done just that: made something very special indeed.

And then as I closed the book for the evening, I felt  drop of fear and I realised something. This book could very well be the defining moment for the Ryu/Chun-li fandom of my generation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 12.37.08 AM

Think about it. My teams and I aren’t producing some sex and goo filled Ryu/Chun-Li doujinshi. We aren’t a publisher in China producing a Ryu/Chun-Li book only for people who can read Chinese. Our work is over 200 pages of new original Street Fighter content in English produced by three published authors and three art teams, all with the deepest respect for the Street Fighter brand. We have an amazing 103 page main story surrounded with exclusive art and mini-comics donated by true Ryu/Chun-Li fans from all over the world. And people in over one hundred countries are going to be able to read our work. No Street Fighter fan comic has ever been produced at this scale and may never be produced again.

chunli-gem-run ryu-gem-running

Once we launch, CAPCOM and UDON Entertainment couldn’t ignore us if they wanted to. With the quality and amount of work we have, people working for them WILL hear about and read this book.  There is no doubt. And of course they will be reading the story, seeing the art and mini-comics, but what they will also be looking at are the names: the names in our book. They are going to be able to count how many true Ryu/Chun-Li fans there are out there, and then based on that they are going to decide whether or not the idea is marketable.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.37.46 AM

Face facts. If you are a true Ryu/Chun-li fan, there has never been a better opportunity for you to make CAPCOM sit up and take notice than our book. I know. I’ve been watching and waiting for someone else to do something for almost 30 years, and no one has.


Right now, as of this blog entry, there are a total of  sixty-three names in our book. Sixty-three true Ryu/Chun-Li fans who have stepped up and made this book something special. If the rest of you would just get on board…


Facebook likes, while they do spread information. are ultimately worthless in a situation like this because they are without risk. If we want CAPCOM to notice us, we have to show we are willing to put a part of ourselves on the line.


Photo on 8-27-14 at 1.47 AM



Please, I’m begging you, if Ryu/Chun-li is something you want CAPCOM to seriously think about, you need to do one of these three things and get your name in this book so CAPCOM can see it.

1. Donate at least $10 USD to the project and let us post the fact that you did so on Facebook.

2. Donate a piece of quality Ryu/Chun-Li art and let us post the fact that you did so on Facebook.

3. Commission a piece of Ryu/Chun-Li art or a mini-comic from an artist, have the artist and yourself keep the work confidential, then donate the work to our book, and let us post the fact that you did so on Facebook.



When I started this project back on January 1st, 2013, I did so in large part because I wanted to know the truth about the Ryu/Chun-Li fan base that I am a part of. If someone among us was willing to produce a work of quality in the name of the pairing, would the fan base get behind it, or would they prove to be lovers with no real heart.

Right now, our heartbeat as a fan base is weak.

While over three hundred of you who have “liked” our page, and even more read our blog, only 63 people have had the courage to step up and be counted. If this pairing really means something to you and you want to take a shot at making Ryu/Chun-Li part of Street Fighter’s official legacy,  you need to get your name in our book and encourage others to do the same. It’s unity like having over 300 names in our book that will get our cause really noticed by the media.

Cover Photo counter

So, in hopes that more of you will prove to be true fans, I’m starting a counter on the cover photo of our Facebook Page. Every time one of you has the courage to do one of the three things above, the number will rise. And with each increase the concept of Ryu/Chun-Li will have a greater chance at becoming official because your name will be in the book with the other true fans of the pairing where it belongs. :-D

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.24.46 PM

Yes, that’s right, Chun-Li. Why is everyone so quiet? For the first time in almost 30 years, the Ryu/Chun-Li fan base finally has a chance to make some real noise and show the world what they are made of. And they are about to have an internationally fan-produced graphic novel of excellent quality and size to back them up! Are they really going to let this opportunity pass by them by and be as impotent as the haters of the pairing out there believe them to be?

Let’s find out.














Anybody remember The site was pretty nice, the kind of place Chun-Li would likely visit on the web… y’know…if she were real. :-) A long time ago we used to visit the site to read about and see galleries of pictures of our favourite female fighter. But the site is gone now. All the good that was on the site is no longer on the web. But strangely enough, one bit of bile from the site survived, a hate so strong that even the death of the site could not wipe it out.

It turns out the person who used to host was strongly against the idea of Ryu/Chun-Li together. Prepare yourself for some hate. The host wrote:

For months and months after writing my “Chun-Li + Cammy” rant, I heard from absolutely none of the fanboys I had been complaining about earlier. While I knew that I would never be completely free of them, for the most part I thought I’d been victorious in my long, hard struggle to get them leave me the hell alone. That is, until about a month ago.


All of a sudden, the fanboys have been showing up en masse, insisting that Chun-Li and Ryu were meant to be together and that Capcom will confirm this eventually. My original arguement stands. I don’t really have anything new to add it, but for one tiny thing I shall address later. So instead, I’m writing this open letter and I hope that it won’t confuse TOO many fanboys, since this WILL require reading skills of someone on the fourth-grade level, unlike the majority of the Chun-Li & Ryu fanfics I’ve seen.


Leave me alone. I’m not interested in what you have to say. You can write a thousand “OMG CHUN-LI & RYU R MENT 2 B 2TOGHTER LOL!!1!!” messages, but if you’re hoping that one of them will magically change my mind, be ready for a life full of disappointment. All you are doing is damning your own cause by confirming the stereotypes I’ve come to associate with you and your fellow Ryu fanboys.


What do you hope to accomplish when you e-mail me your generic statements of support for Chun-Li & Ryu? Do you hope that yours will be the one to magically change my mind and let Chun-Li & Ryu art and fics onto my site? “Chun-Li & Ryu 4VR!” “Oh, wow, I’ve never thought about it like that!” I hope even you fanboys aren’t THAT stupid.


So, perhaps you simply wish to express your discontent for my opinions. In that case, I suggest you all watch the movie Ghosts of Mississippi. There’s a nice little line in it about how wasteful it is to hate, because the people you hate either don’t know you hate them, or they don’t care. While hate is a strong word and I’m sure many of you don’t actually HATE me, the fact remains that I DON’T CARE.


Some of you have tried to prove that [Ryu and] Chun-Li would be a good couple because there are Japanese doujinshis that show them as a couple. [sic] You don’t seem to realize that these doujinshis are independant publications and in no way are endorsed by Capcom. In fact, for every doujinshi with her and Ryu as a couple, there are at least a dozen of her with Cammy, instead… 


Capcom will not come to your side. Assuming they even MAKE another true Street Fighter game, I can guarantee you that there will be no mention of Chun-Li and Ryu as a couple. Why? Because if they were gonna do it, they’d have done it already! They’ve certainly had plenty of chances since those two have been in dozens of games together. They even published an entire book explaining the plot details of the Street Fighter plot, and still no mention of a Chun-Li/Ryu romance.


And now for that new bit of evidence I referred to earlier. There’s a new Street Fighter comic in the works. It’s being published by UDON, a team of manga-inspired artists who’ve done work for other major publishers and titles. These guys are hardcore SF fans from Japan, and they take the official plotline very seriously. At the Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus, Ohio, a good friend of mine named Paul Soth met one of the guys from UDON and talked a little about the comic. During the conversation, knowing my disdain for the Chun-Li/Ryu romance, Paul asked him if there would be anything of the sort in this new comic.


“Oh no, we’re sticking with the orginal storyline. I mean, all the guys are from Japan, and we’re avoiding the Maubu storyline.”

“So that who romance thing was never official?” [sic]

“Oh no. Not at all.”

I’ve heard secondhand accounts over the years of Capcom denying it, but this is a firsthand, 100% official account. The Chun-Li/Ryu romance is a pure fabrication in the alleged minds of the fanboys.

Let me make one point perfectly clear: I would sooner close down permanently than upload this Chun-Li & Ryu crap to my webspace. You have ZERO chance of convincing me that Chun-Li & Ryu were meant to be together. Now, piss off!




The UDON panel at the 2012 New York Comic Con, clearly a bunch of Japanese guys…LOL

Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

Now why post this on our blog, a place where Ryu/Chun-Li is celebrated? Well, for one thing, we miss It is a nostalgic part of what made us the proactive fans we are today, for sure. And…well…because my team and I needed to be reminded that no matter how amazing this book we’re producing is, there are going to be people who hate it.

And that’s ok.

CAPCOM and UDON may never make Ryu and Chun-Li a couple in any of their stories and games.

And that’s ok.

But regardless of the above, the book we’re producing is going to exist. And fans who want to see Ryu and Chun-li together are going to have a professional quality work to go to. The book we’re producing may not be official, but the quality and content will be high. Any haters who want to criticise this new Ryu/Chun-Li book effectively are going to have to read the work from cover to cover and add to its download and share count. Gotta love that! Who knows? We might convert a few Ryu/Chun-Li haters along the way. :-)

Arguing about fictional characters’ relationships is pointless. Why? Because the wonderful thing about fiction is anything can happen. You just have to pick up a pen, or in our case three published authors, three art teams, and over 40 awesome fan artists from all over the world, and make it happen. The real argument, if you can even call it that, is over whether or not something is official. And right now, Ryu/Chun-Li is not.

But things can change.

Consider DC comics. They’ve gone from almost a century of this…


…to this as one of their regular titles.


Who officially hooks up with who all depends on what a company believes is marketable.

And, Ryu/Chun-Li is marketable. One just has to surf the web to see the years of fan art for and passionate arguments over the pairing. If a one shot Ryu/Chun-Li comic appeared on comic book store shelves, people would buy it to love it or to hate it. CAPCOM/UDON is sitting on a small gold mine at the very least with Ryu/Chun-Li. We hope we help them see it. We’ve had online chats with Joey Ansah of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist fame and he believes Ryu/Chun-Li is marketable. Whether or not CAPCOM or UDON ultimately do, Mr. Ansah’s opinion is enough for us. Though, CAPCOM and UDON, if you are reading this,  we would like to point out agreeing with Joey Ansah has gotten CAPCOM pretty far as of late. ;-)


 Stay strong, Ryu/Chun-Li fans. No matter what happens in our future, we’ll still have this book we’re producing and all the wonderful experiences and connections with people that come with it. Just make sure when our book does comes out, you share it like crazy and spread the Ryu/Chun-Li message far and wide. Love is always better to share than hate. And who knows? With this book on our side, CAPCOM and UDON may throw us a bone yet. :-D There is always hope.

More next time!


Not just another pretty face

Hey RXCLP blog readers!

Art Team #1, the team we began working with at the very start of this project, handed in its last page today completing ACT 1 of our main book. That means, combined with the finished work of Art Team #2 and the work in progress from Art Tean #3,  pages 1 to 82  of our 103-page story are complete. That’s 78% of the book done, and that’s not counting the wonderful appendices of single art pieces, mini-comics, and cosplay photos that have been contributed (and are stll coming in) as well. Our book is going to be well over 200 pages when the work is complete. And we still hope to have more artists volunteer their work to the Ryu/Chun-Li cause before time is up. Thirty-two artists from all over the world have donated works so far. Who will be next? We hope it’s you!

We still remember the first couple of pages from Art Team #1 back in 2013 and how we fell in love with its take on Chun-Li. Both pretty and strong, it was the face that got this whole project under way. And now thanks to Art Team #1, this book is nearly complete.


Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.24.46 PM





ryu-win-ts2Perfect 1chunny-ts-winz2



Let’s keep moving forward! We’re almost there!

Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook Page too.






Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.58.29 PM

Imagine you are a Ryu/Sakura fan or a Chun-Li/Vega fan, or a fan of any other pairing involving Ryu or Chun-Li with a different character other than each other. Or imagine you are someone who doesn’t want Ryu or Chun-Li paired with any other character. And then you come across our project.

Ryu X Chun-Li Banner


Our project wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were just some text-only fan fiction or a fan-made black and white, sex-fluid filled doujinshi. In these cases we could be dismissed as harmless or freakish by Ryu/Chun-Li haters (no offence to the people who make those works by the way. Deep respect for all those creative people!). But our project is very much the opposite. The Ryu X Chun-Li project is an over 200-page work that is respectful to the Street Fighter characters, and promises to be an exciting story. We’ve had some communication with Joey Ansah from Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist who believes our work is marketable. We’ve got three art teams, individual artists, and three published authors all on the job! We even have some quality videos and professionally produced theme music! And we’re giving all this awesomeness away for free!

With all these things going for us, we must seem pretty scary to those non-Ryu/Chu-Li fans. How do we know? Because we were pretty frightened by UDON’s latest Street Fighter book where Sakura indirectly admits she loves Ryu. Also, CAPCOM in Sakura’s Ultra Street Fighter IV ending suggests that Sakura loves Ryu as well, or at least it does according to the ending explanation in the Street Fighter wiki. We would be lying if all this Ryu/Sakura stuff didn’t fuel our drive to do this project. What can we say? Fear is a great motivator.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.46.02 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.02.50 PM

But we were smart. Our fear made us do something positive and proactive. We still love UDON and CAPCOM, and we spend no time writing hateful comments about their Sakura loving Ryu decisions (Ryu hasn’t reciprocated yet by the way!). Instead we decided to make the “go to” work for people who love Ryu and Chun-Li together.

RyuChunli Rounded

It should be noted Ryu and Chun-Li fans have a major advantage over Ryu/Sakura fans. Ryu and Sakura fans will always have to explain themselves to the casual observer. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.06.49 PM


Casual observer: So let me get this straight, you want Ryu to be in love a high school girl?

Ryu/Sakura fan: (sighs). She’s actually graduated college, she just wears the school uniform as a fashion statement, something that is popular with some adult women in Japan.

Casual observer: So the women can look younger, like high school girls, right?

Ryu/Sakura fan: (sighs)

And despite the fact that Sakura can be drawn in different uniforms, and we see her older self for a few minutes in her USF4 ending, the casual observer rarely sees these things or remembers them if they do. Bottom line, Sakura is always going to look much younger (and shorter!) than Ryu in most media, and she will be dressed like a high school girl most of the time. Ryu/Sakura fans are always going to have to have the above conversation with almost any person outside their fan base. And it doesn’t help that Japan, Street Fighter’s country of origin,  has taken a lot of fire recently for their penchant for loving young girl bands like AKB48, the high school uniform as a sex symbol, and sexually explicitly manga containing child characters that is still legal despite the country recently passing a long overdue law against child pornography. Be careful Ryu/Sakura fans! The casual observer may believe you have a penchant for these same things!


Ryu/Chun-Li on the other hand is a pairing that is comfortably mature, requires no explanation to overcome the characters’ designs/uniforms when they appear together romantically in fan art, and is a pairing that has been around since 1991 when Street Fighter II was first introduced to the world. Chun-Li and Ryu look the same age, or at least old enough to be dating each other if they were, and they have been around long enough and paired long enough in official art, merchandise, and other media to feel “right” to the general public when they are seen together.


And as for the argument that Ryu and Chun-Li have nothing in common, that’s the wonderful thing about fiction. Besides the fact they are both fighters, friends, both orphans who lost a parent to tragedy, and both have enemies out to make their lives miserable, you can come up with more things!

ryu-win-ts2SF the heart of battle LOGOchunny-ts-winz2

And now, unlike all the other people who like the other pairings we’ve mentioned in this work, some Ryu/Chun-Li fans have organised and are finally going to give the pairing a quality book. That is really amazing!!!!

But the sad thing is, the fans of the other pairings aren’t the only ones feeling fear.  Most of you reading this are too! Don’t believe us?  Then please explain why with all the work we’ve done…With all the work we’ve shown… Why haven’t more of you Ryu/Chun-li fans stepped up to help us? Those who have, you are awesome! But what about the rest of you? What are you afraid of?

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.29.25 PM


With all our quality work in front of you, why won’t you help us? What is your fear?


Please get over it: donate some cash (any amount will do!), donate some Ryu/Chun-Li art, commission some Ryu/Chun-Li art then donate it to us! Truly help us out by giving us what we need!  You want us to finish this climb of the Ryu/Chun-Li mountain faster? Then don’t just sit there! Throw us some monetary rope! Let us Ryu/Chun-Li fans unite and make this book so great together that the fans of other Street Fighter pairings won’t even be able to look us in the eye.

When you’re ready, hit the donate button on the left side of our Facebook Page. Look for it! It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.26.52 PM



Or contact us at…



And face your fear! :-D


The Love Lives of Gods



As can be seen in the above picture of Zues and Io, the Greek gods were always knocking boots with mortals. It was, and still is, part of their charm. And superheroes, the direct descendants of the Greek gods, do it as well.


But recently, that’s been changing. DC comics writers have been examining the relationships between their heroes a little more, shall we say, actively.


Comics aren’t just for kids anymore.

And frankly we at the Ryu X Chun-Li Project find this trend refreshing. In his book SupergodsBatman comic book writer Grant Morrison said that superheroes “are a bright flickering sign of our need to move on, to imagine the better, more just, and more proactive people we can be.” And we would like these things to manifest more often in the form of heroic couples.

ryu3wrScreen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.02.18 AM

For so long humanity has held high the fact one person alone can make a difference. And like we wrote, it IS a fact! The individual can make a difference! But what comes with this fact are competition and in many cases isolation. One person vs. the world. A foolish view to put in the forefront in a world with over six billion people. Not to mention this view puts all but the individual in a negative light. The rest of humanity becomes an obstacle to be overcome, not teamed up with. It’s impressive when the obstacle is overcome, but so sad too. Those were people you had to step over.


Now of course there are many super heroic teams out there which celebrate the idea of humanity working together. But what we don’t see enough of is super heroic married couples setting an example. Now we’re not saying the couples have to start out married. Readers need to have their build up, romantic tension, and all that. But we wonder what impact it would have on society if our heroes, for the long term, had partners as formidable as they were at their sides that they were also married to and in love with.


What if Zues had been absolutely faithful to Hera and treated her as an equal instead? Oh how our comics might be different!



What a wonderful stronger world it would be?


From Discord to Harmony

Hey RXCLP fans,

Welcome to our 60th blog post!

We were surfing the internet as we sometimes do when we’re waiting for art to come in to be approved or sent back for edits, and we stumbled upon this article in The Guardian: JK Rowling: Hermione should have married Harry, not Ron.


Rowling’s admission is a big ol’ piece of proof that no matter how much we humans choose to go against conventions, no matter how more enlightened as a species we become in regards to gender issues, one convention in fiction continues to, when ignored, make us uncomfortable and even willing to admit mistakes in our greatest fictional works, when we do not follow it: the hero gets the girl.


Even Disney’s greatly loved “Frozen” conforms to the “hero gets girl” story convention. The women are the heroes and they “get” each other. And just to be on the safe side, Disney had Anna and male supporting character Kristoff share a kiss at the end of the movie to show they were on their way to living happily ever after. Frozen, redefining true love? yes. Able to resist the convention of someone getting the girl? No. In fact, in Frozen, the girl is got not once, not twice, but thrice!

And before you get all picky about the definition of “get,” remember…



There are all sorts of ways to “get” someone.

But we digress. The point is, once you identify the hero of a story (usually the male lead) and the story’s female lead, there is an immediate expectation/assumption they will get together.

And when Street Fighter II came out in 1991, this is what millions of people all over the world saw:


Hero clearly identified by 1P icon start position. One woman in the whole game.


Which lead to fans thinking stuff like this:


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.53.55 PM

And ultimately a niche of fans with the hope/expectation of this:



A  niche of fans that still exists today 23 years later.



Of course, we have discussed why we think CAPCOM has not put Ryu and Chun-li together, and CAPCOM has never given an official reason. But the fact remains, discord has been created. Millions of casual and serious Street Fighter fans must feel it on some level.


And when discord from a particular source becomes too much for Nature to bear, Nature acts. For example, in response to the discord caused by the less than stellar Street Fighter movies, Nature called upon Joey Ansah and Christian Howard to finally fix the problem. And they have.

And now, there is a Ryu X Chun-Li Project.  Not a Chun-Li X Vega Project. Not a Ryu X Sakura project. Not a Camy/Chun-Li Project. A Ryu X Chun-Li Project! Nature started priming us over a decade ago with Brian Yip’s story. And now after 23 years of discord, Ryu and Chun-Li are finally going to be together in a story for the English speaking world.

Don’t believe us when we say the hero getting the girl is the opposite of discord?  Consider this: Not only has J.K. Rowling said that Ron and Hermione together was a mistake–the only way Nature can be appeased now Potter-wise since she can’t just rewrite the book,–but if you put Harry and Hemione’s name together, you get the word Potter fans use for fans of the pairing, the opposite of discord: Harmony fans.



And we’ll be bringing harmony to Street Fighter too. Pun totally intended.

Until next time!